Snyk and Rapid7 Extend Strategic Partnership to Offer Comprehensive Cloud Native Application Security Solution

Snyk and Rapid7

Joint Customers Will Benefit from Combined Power of Snyk’s Developer-First AppSec Solutions and Rapid7’s Industry-Leading Application Security Testing and Monitoring Solutions

Cloud native application security company Snyk and Rapid7, Inc., a leading provider of security analytics and automation, today announced plans to deepen their existing strategic partnership and provide a comprehensive end-to-end solution to cloud native application security, uncovering vulnerabilities both statically and dynamically.

Prior to today’s announcement the Snyk and Rapid7 partnership included an integration that allows Rapid7’s tCell, a Next-Gen Cloud WAF and RASP solution, to leverage Snyk Intel, embedding continuous security into the application development process. This next phase of the partnership will provide developers with the ability to secure the critical components of today’s cloud native application development, underpinned by Snyk’s developer-first Software Composition Analysis (Snyk Open Source Security Management) and Static Application Security Testing (Snyk Code) solutions together with Rapid7’s industry-leading Dynamic Application Security Testing (InsightAppSec).

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This combined SCA, SAST, DAST, and RASP offering will allow joint customers to:

  • Comprehensively uncover their security flaws, whether detectable in code or through runtime inspection.
  • More effectively enable developers to prioritize the remediation and mitigation of their most pressing high risk vulnerabilities.

“The kickoff of our partnership with Rapid7 coincided with an explosive growth in cloud migration and digital transformation, and we collectively recognize that cybersecurity is a crucial part of any successful software-driven transformation journey,” said Guy Podjarny, Founder/President, Snyk. “At this pivotal time, we’re committed to continuing to uncover new ways to work together to ensure that security teams are able to keep pace while embracing modern devops approaches.”

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“Applications are expanding the attack surface dramatically, heightening the need for a solution that can address security issues from code through production,” said Cindy Stanton, senior vice president of vulnerability and risk management at Rapid7. “We look forward to working with Snyk to provide customers with comprehensive visibility into their application security risk and building a stronger bridge between security and development teams.”