Kroll’s Cybersecurity Consulting Unit Extends Into The Heart Of Europe

Kroll's Cybersecurity Consulting Unit Extends Into The Heart Of Europe
Kroll's Cybersecurity Consulting Unit Extends Into The Heart Of Europe

Several strategic recruitments aim to protect, detect and react in an increasingly complex threat environment

Kroll , the leading provider of data, technology and insights related to risk, governance and growth, today announced that its cyber risk consultancy was developed in Central Europe to address the heightened IT risks faced by organizations in the region. The company has launched operations and opened a new office in Belgium, led by Vito Rallo, Deputy Managing Director of the cyber risk consultancy in EMEA.

With extremely strong expertise in securing Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) Industrial Control Systems (ICS), Operational Technology (OT) Environments, Embedded Devices and TIBER-compliant Red Teaming EU, Kroll relies on the support it provides to its customers across a broad set of industries. The team will focus on readiness services, such as security maturity assessments and adversary simulations, as well as incident response services, such as digital forensics, legal assistance and breach notification of data. Kroll’s expansion increases its capabilities to protect, detect and respond to cyberattacks in the region.

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Vito Rallo, Deputy Managing Director Cyber ​​Risk at Kroll , said: “In Central Europe, there is a strong demand for technical mechanisms for in-depth cybersecurity defense and incident response at large geographical scales. Organizations need a partner who can help them at every stage of their IT resilience journey, and Kroll is now uniquely positioned to be that partner at the center of Europe. »

William Rimington, co-head of Kroll’s cyber risk consulting practice in EMEA, said: “It is important for Kroll to be able to help our customers respond to incidents and improve their level of security at the international. As IT and OT infrastructures become more complex and attacks become more sophisticated, it is essential that we have both the expertise and the regional base to support our customers. This recent expansion allows us to offer our end-to-end cybersecurity solutions with the benefit of leading local IT expertise. »

This expansion into central Europe follows the recent acquisition of Security Compass Advisory, a Canadian-based provider of cybersecurity advisory services and solutions, and UK cybersecurity services company Redscan. It also complements Kroll’s recent partnership with Armis , which gives it unprecedented visibility into OT and ICS environments, in addition to proving its commitment to delivering the highest performing cybersecurity solutions and unparalleled incident response mechanisms in the industry. the whole world.

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