KuberLogic – A New Open-Source PaaS Solution from CloudLinux

KuberLogic – A New Open-Source PaaS Solution from CloudLinux-01

CloudLinux, founded in 2009 and a leader in a secure and reliable Linux operating system, announces the launch of a new open-core project – KuberLogic – software that allows DevOps to set up scalable, self-healing PaaS on top of your Kubernetes cluster. KuberLogic allows administrators to run and deploy key open-source components with simple configurations and high availability.

In a rapid automated DevOps environment, organizations have dedicated teams that handle all the provisioning overhead for developers. Organizations without a dedicated team struggle to find the right solution that will automate the provisioning of managed database services. KuberLogic solves this problem by automatically provisioning and managing database clusters using the K8S operator.

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Because KuberLogic is a fully automated system, it gives companies the opportunity to eliminate time spent on long-term deployments, backups, and upgrades required from an allocated DevOps team. For organizations without a dedicated team, it eliminates a reliability sacrifice or time searching for expertise for manually configuring and testing database clusters. KuberLogic gives an API approach so that organizations can leverage automation for database provisioning rather than build an expensive dedicated team of on-site staff members and face business delays due to deployment issues.

With KuberLogic, the infrastructure team can leverage cloud providers without Kubernetes automation tools and run managed databases at no extra cost.

“The time for manual configuration of applications is a thing of the past,” said Igor Seletskiy, CEO and Founder of CloudLinux. “Today, developers want to be able to use highly diversified stacks of technologies in an on-demand, automated manner.”

KuberLogic already supports MySQL, PostgreSQL and soon will cover Redis and other popular software for virtual machines and storage integration. After deployment, KuberLogic will not only automatically provision database services, manage updates, and create backups, but it offers activity monitoring, dealing with failover, and performance tuning. In addition, KuberLogic will also automatically provide health tracking and recovery services for clusters.

One of the main advantages we want to provide is a fully managed PaaS experience as open-source software and the ability to influence and make a difference in the development process. We are happy to share our expertise and appreciate any feedback and contributions on GitHub.

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