Lacework and Snowflake Partner to Enable Better Cloud Security Analytics and Insights

Lacework and Snowflake Partner to Enable Better Cloud Security Analytics and Insights

Laceworkthe data-driven cloud security company and Snowflake, the Data Cloud company, today announced a product integration and go-to-market partnership. Making Lacework data easily available in the Snowflake Data Cloud enables organisations to quickly and cost-effectively analyse and report on risk and threats across their cloud and container environments.

Lacework is a data-driven security platform built natively on top of Snowflake that takes tens of billions of security data points and — through intelligent automation and a patented analytics engine — surfaces the handful of security events that matter most in a given day.

This visibility gives overloaded and under-resourced security and developer organisations the insights they need to remediate the most pressing security and performance issues quickly, without impacting the agility of the business.

Together, Lacework and Snowflake bring the value of cloud security data to the rest of the business — eliminating barriers between groups focused on protecting the organisation. By combining Lacework data into their Snowflake security data lake, customers can:

  • Gain flexibility with custom analytics: By bringing together cloud security findings from Lacework with other security data in Snowflake, customers can apply complex security policies and SLA logic to identify the issues that matter most to the organisation.
  • Power dashboards that serve a broader audience: Cloud security has many stakeholders, and organisations can build dashboards with the combined data that provide all stakeholders with an actionable view as broad or as filtered as needed.
  • Respond to incidents more cost-effectively: Responding to a breach often requires fast access to a year or more of normalised cloud activity logs. Lacework uncovers valuable cloud security data and correlations that aid in incident investigations, and Snowflake’s unique architecture supports efficient petabyte-scale investigations with no retention limits.

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The partnership includes go-to-market alignment designed to accelerate customer time to value through simplified integration and report templates covering common analytics use cases.

Lacework is also a founding member of the Powered by Snowflake program that launched in June 2021. The program is designed to accelerate the delivery of differentiated applications on Snowflake by supporting developers across all stages of the application journey in Snowflake’s Data Cloud. Today there are 100+ ‘Powered by’ partners, including founding members BlackRock, Lacework, OppLoans and Observe.

In late 2020, Snowflake participated in Lacework’s $525 million Series C financing. This new chapter in the Lacework and Snowflake partnership will make it easier for multi-cloud, data-intensive organisations to power an effective security data lake in Snowflake with the visibility and security intelligence from Lacework.

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