LendUS, LLC Identified and Addresses Data Security Incident

LendUS_ LLC Identified and Addresses Data Security Incident-01

LendUS completed an investigation into unauthorized access to some LendUS employee email accounts. Upon first learning of the activity, LendUS immediately took steps to secure the email accounts and began an investigation with the assistance of a cybersecurity firm. The investigation determined that an unauthorized person accessed certain accounts at various times between February 2, 2021 and March 22, 2021. The investigation was not able to determine whether any emails or attachments in the accounts were accessed or downloaded by the unauthorized individual.

Out of an abundance of caution, LendUS reviewed the emails and attachments that could have been accessed or downloaded. On December 21, 2021, LendUS determined that certain emails or attachments contained certain information, including names accompanied by one or more of the following: Social Security numbers; driver’s license numbers; financial and payment card account information; passport numbers; tax identification numbers; medical and health insurance information; and online account credentials. This information relates to certain LendUS employees and customers.

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On January 19, 2022, LendUS began mailing letters to individuals whose personal information was involved in the incident and for whom LendUS has address information. LendUS is also providing this notice to individuals whose personal information was contained in the emails and attachments reviewed, but for whom LendUS does not have adequate address information. LendUS established a dedicated call center for individuals to call with questions about the incident, and is also offering complimentary credit monitoring to eligible individuals who request it. If you have any questions or wish to determine if you are eligible for the complimentary credit monitoring, please call 855-604-1753, Monday through Friday from 6:00 A.M. through 6:00 P.M. Pacific Time.

Individuals who are nonetheless concerned that their personal information may have been accessed during the incident should visit LendUS’s website, found here: https://www.lend.us/.  LendUS’s website also contains information regarding steps that individuals can take to help protect their personal information.

LendUS sincerely regrets that this incident occurred and apologizes for any inconvenience or concern. To help prevent something like this from happening again, LendUS has implemented additional safeguards and technical security measures to further enhance the security of its computer systems and is providing additional security awareness training for its staff.

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