MANN+HUMMEL Selects Omada to Implement Identity and Access Management

MANN_HUMMEL Selects Omada to Implement Identity and Access Management

Omada A/S (“Omada”), a global leader of Identity Governance and Administration (IGA) software and cloud-delivered IGA services, announced today that MANN+HUMMEL has chosen to implement Omada’s identity and access management system.

MANN+HUMMEL develops innovative filtration solutions for vehicles, industrial applications, clean air in indoor and outdoor spaces, and for the sustainable use of water. The company has over 22,000 employees at more than 80 locations worldwide. The filtration specialist selected Omada in order to provide a simple and centrally managed solution for all processes and applications responsible for the administration of identities and management access rights.

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As a core discipline within information security and a key factor for digital transformation, Omada’s identity and access management (IAM) system will help MANN+HUMMEL ensure that only authorized people or functions have access to specific information. Moreover, IAM increases service quality in the on- and offboarding of employees through automated processes and digital workflows. In addition, it will help ensure compliance with internal policies and external regulations.

Martin Kemle, IAM project manager, MANN+HUMMEL, said: “With thousands of employees worldwide, we needed a centralized IGA solution that was simple to manage yet effective. After a detailed analysis, the project team is confident that Omada will bring MANN+HUMMEL forward to a successful implementation of Identity and Access Management and to move us to the next level in securing our identities and our environment.”

Michael Garrett, CEO, Omada, said: “We’re committed to providing our customers with the most innovative IGA solutions needed to reduce access risk, strengthen compliance, and improve efficiency. We are proud to have been selected by MANN+HUMMEL who are leaders in their field and have a dedicated focus on innovation, service, and quality. Our solution, best practice process framework, and implementation approach will fulfil MANN+HUMMEL’s requirements to a future-proof and scalable solution, and we look forward to a great working relationship.”