Menlo Security Announces Partnership with Google Cloud to Advance Enterprise Browser Security

Menlo Security Announces Partnership with Google Cloud to Advance Enterprise Browser Security

Menlo Security, the pioneer of browser security, today announced a new partnership with Google Cloud to deliver its advanced and comprehensive browser security solution to enterprises. Through the partnership, Menlo Security will expand its global usage of Google Cloud’s infrastructure and collaborate with Mandiant on threat research.

As threat actors have increasingly focused on the browser attack surface, the threat to browsers has outpaced traditional protections from cyber-attacks, exposing users and enterprises. The Menlo Secure Enterprise Browser works with all local browsers to prevent and detect known and unknown browser threats. In partnership with Google Cloud, the Menlo Security browser security solution now includes major new capabilities to:

  • Manage local policies for browsers
  • Protect enterprise users from evasive ransomware and phishing attacks
  • Secure access to applications and corporate data

Mandiant will also strengthen its browser security expertise through training provided by Menlo threat research. The strengthened security partnership allows mutual customers to take advantage of integrated products, such as Google Chronicle Security Operations, and VirusTotal Threat Intelligence.

“Partnering with Google Cloud enhances our AI capabilities, expands our global reach through the Google Cloud platform, and strengthens Mandiant’s browser security expertise,” said Amir Ben-Efraim, CEO of Menlo Security. “The new capabilities bring added depth to browser security for enterprises without adding user or management complexity. With Google Cloud and Menlo Security, enterprises can focus on securing the application edge without the need for replacement browsers.”

“Google Cloud’s trusted infrastructure enables organizations to safely build, scale, and manage critical workloads globally,” said Sunil Potti, Vice President and General Manager of Security at Google Cloud. “We’re pleased to partner with Menlo Security and provide the secure platform for the browser security needs of enterprise and public sector customers.”

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