MONITORAPP Announces Global Partnership with OGX Networks in Malaysia

MONITORAPP Announces Global

MONITORAPP, a security solution vendor, has announced its partnership with OGX Networks, a Malaysia based IT networking company specializing in networking equipment ranging from smart racks to cybersecurity, to further penetrate the global cybersecurity market.

OGX Networks was founded in 1996 under the name of Originex Group and OGX is an extension of Originex Group that was incorporated back in 2007. The company specializes in IT enterprise distribution and services with its main focus on IT networking, wireless networking, networking security, and data center implementation. OGX networks pride themselves in their service and value creation and have certified engineers to assist any customer needs.

“We are excited to announce our partnership with OGX Networks,” said the CEO of MONITORAPP, Kyle Lee, “OGX Networks has been in the industry for a long time and we trust their expertise and partnership can help further MONITORAPP’s presence in Malaysia.”

MONITORAPP added that the decision to partner with OGX Networks was a strategic move based on OGX Network’s reputation in the high-tech business sector in Malaysia. MONITORAPP has expressed their excitement about the new partnership and says the company has high hopes in the partnership due to OGX Network’s excellent service and well-qualified engineering staff.

MONITORAPP and OGX Networks will work closely together to provide the best website protection and secure internet access experience for all its users.

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MONITORAPP believes that the value of cybersecurity extends beyond our borders and has been reaching out to various distributors and resellers around the world to establish partnerships. MONITORAPP offers various partnership opportunities varying from technology partners to MSS partners. With MONITORAPP’s SECaaS brand, AIONCLOUD, a cybersecurity service partnership is also available. AIONCLOUD is an all-in-one cybersecurity platform on a SASE (Secure Access Service Edge) platform that provides website security and secure internet access. AIONCLOUD offers various partnership opportunities.

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