NetAbstraction Appoints Scott Greaux Vice President of Products

NetAbstraction Appoints Scott Greaux Vice President of Products

NetAbstraction, the network obfuscation company, today announced the appointment of Scott Greaux as Vice President of Products. The former head of product management for Cofense will lead technology strategy and innovation for the company.

“Scott is a proven security product management leader who has built technology portfolios for successful cyber security vendors,” said Gordon Lawson, CEO of NetAbstraction. “A former CISO, he understands customers’ needs and wants, and knows how to productize these in software.”

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Scott joins NetAbstraction from Cofense where he was vice president of product management and successfully brought five new products to market leadership positions over a seven year period until the company’s acquisition by BlackRock in 2018. Scott also served as information security and controllership lead for NBCUniversal, was Global Deputy CISO for General Electric and director of technology for eDiets.

“NetAbstraction has developed some of the most advanced defensive technology I’ve seen in my career, and provides a powerful new way to isolate users and organizations from security threats,” said Scott Greaux. “I look forward to extending the company’s product portfolio to address customers’ unmet needs and use cases.”

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