NetApp Streamlines hybrid cloud operations, protects against ransomware threats and Assist accelerate VMware workloads’ transition to the cloud

NetApp Streamlines hybrid cloud operations_ protects against ransomware threats and Assist accelerate VMware workloads' transition to the cloud-01

NetAp ® (NASDAQ: NTAP), a global cloud-led, data-centric software company, today announced continuous innovations and solutions for enterprises ‘s hybrid multi-cloud environment provides simpler, more secure, and more flexible services.

These new features include improved ransomware protection, hybrid cloud storage in a single subscription, unified management in a single user interface, and close collaboration with VMware to help transition workloads to the cloud.

These infrastructure mixes have become more fragmented, inconsistent and fragmented over time as enterprises need to purchase public cloud services to augment their existing on-premises data centers. These multi-cloud silos are fundamentally more difficult to manage because they have to deal with different environments.

Today, NetApp is delivering a unified and consistent hybrid multi-cloud experience, allowing customers to run and manage a single platform spanning on-premises to the world’s top-scale public clouds.

Ronen Schwartz, senior vice president of NetApp Cloud Volumes Service, said: “Today’s enterprise organizations have begun to explore the promise of hybrid multi-cloud environments, and they do not want to be challenged in terms of complexity, security and cost-effectiveness. Simplified by NetApp management and consumption experience, organizations can enjoy greater security, manageability, operational speed and cost savings, ultimately enabling them to deliver better functionality by delivering functionality faster, keeping data available and secure anywhere to meet the growing needs of businesses.”

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Simple, secure, and flexible enhancements to NetApp’s hybrid cloud portfolio include:

Industry-leading hybrid cloud simplicity –

By offering everything “as a service,” NetApp simplifies and optimizes hybrid cloud environments with new capabilities, including:

  • Hybrid cloud storage as a service (STaaS) with a single, flexible subscription through Keystone. Organizations have the flexibility to move workloads in and out of the cloud within a single contract.
  • In addition to managing and monitoring data storage, protection, governance and tiering across multi-cloud environments, Cloud Manager can now manage Keystone services, track software licenses, monitor infrastructure health and provide proactive recommendations, optimize costs and data protection.

Scott Sinclair, director of ESG practice, said: “Enterprise organizations today are looking for flexibility on-premises and across cloud providers and investing in ‘as-a-service’ consumption models to help achieve this. NetApp’s Keystone approach is formally designed to meet this need. ; Provides the simplicity and flexibility of hybrid cloud, allowing users to accelerate their IT goals by packaging management, orchestration and billing into a single subscription and experience. Keystone’s transferable subscription model also supports future subscriptions to any major cloud provider cloud migration planning with enterprise-grade storage capabilities and integrated data protection capabilities.”

Cyber ​​resilience in today’s hybrid cloud –

The increase in the number of ransomware incidents over the past few years has been a growing problem for businesses. The IDC 2021 Ransomware Study: Where You Are Matters! 1 found that more than one-third of organizations worldwide have experienced a ransomware attack or intrusion in the past 12 months, preventing normal system or data access.

With NetApp’s new and powerful built-in cyber resilience capabilities, including anti-ransomware, data protection and security capabilities, organizations can mitigate the threat posed to data by unauthorized user access and ransomware attacks. Customers can protect high-volume workloads, enterprise applications, virtualized workloads, and modern containerized applications from security breaches, detect attacks quickly, and recover data quickly without any operational impact.

Accelerate Enterprise Cloud Transformation –

NetApp enables customers to “modernize the cloud” with complementary data storage to handle data-intensive, storage-demanding workloads running in single or multiple cloud environments. NetApp is currently the only certified and supported cloud storage service provider for external supplemental data storage in VMware cloud environments in top-scale public clouds.

“Organizations across all industries rely on the combination of VMware and NetApp as the platform of choice for delivering business-critical workloads,” said Narayan Bharadwaj, vice president of cloud solutions at VMware. “NetApp now Being able to provide it with the same level of enterprise-grade data management that our mutual customers have enjoyed within the enterprise for decades.”

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