NetSTAR Announces Availability Of inSITE Threat Intelligence 2.0

NetSTAR Announces Availability of inSITE Threat Intelligence

NetSTAR, the global leader in OEM integrated solutions for internet categorization and threat intelligence, announced today the global availability of version 2.0 of its inSITE Threat Intelligence™ solution. inSITE version 2.0 offers several enhancements, including a threat feed only for phishes and a suspicious IP address list.

Cyber attacks are becoming more frequent, dynamic, and sophisticated. Attacks are now targeting a wider range of vulnerabilities within a network and targeting specific individuals and organizations. inSITE Threat Intelligence provides actionable threat information to NetSTAR’s partners, giving them greater visibility into the cyber threat landscape. inSITE is designed specifically for OEM partners and is built around the capabilities of the inCompass web categorization solution.

The inSITE v 2.0 API service provides access to different threat feeds that are delivered as JSON objects. These feeds represent active new threats and threat discoveries, which are published on a rolling 5-minute time frame schedule. The only exception is the Suspicious IP list, an advisory feed that is published daily. The inSITE threat feeds include:

  • Phish – most recent phishing threats
  • High Volume Phish – recent phishing threats associated with a site that has been in our top 1 million traffic tier within the last 30 days
  • Malicious – most recent malicious threats including spyware, botnets, and infected sites
  • High Volume Malicious – recent threats associated with a site that has been in our top 1 million traffic tier within the last 30 days
  • Suspicious IP – IPv4 and IPv6 endpoints that have been associated with suspicious traffic within the last 48-hour window

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inSITE 2.0 includes updated rulesets based on improved threat assessment AI. Because inSITE is a dynamic real-time system, threats already released will republish again only when the inSITE AI has determined that a meaningful change has occurred or changes in the threat landscape have been observed in relation to a published threat.

Our partners around the world depend on inSITE to help them identify harmful and potentially harmful URLs, domains, and IPs. inSITE is deployed for a variety of uses including network security, email security, and more.

Since 2001, NetSTAR has been the global leader in OEM internet categorization and threat intelligence solutions. With over 260 OEM partners around the globe, NetSTAR has visibility into internet traffic from over 1.4 billion endpoints/clients. This visibility, combined with our technology and our team’s expertise, generates market-leading value for our partners.

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