Neustar Security Services Announce the Launch of UltraDNS Integration with Terraform

Neustar Security Services’ UltraDNS Integrates Terraform for Streamlined_ Automated DNS Management-01

Neustar Security Services, a leading provider of cloud-oriented security services that enable the global business to thrive online, has launched an integration with Terraform, an open-source infrastructure-as-code software tool created by HashiCorp. The new integration, UltraDNS Terraform Provider, enables DevOps teams to provision DNS changes when applications are deployed to realize enhanced productivity during that deployment.

Integrating UltraDNS into the Terraform ecosystem enhances Neustar Security Services’ capability to deliver a platform that provides speed, stability and extensibility when managing DNS. The new integration supports DNS standard and advanced records, including features such as SiteBacker, Simple Monitor/Failover, Simple Load Balancing and Traffic Controller. Available to DevOps teams on the Terraform registry, UltraDNS Terraform Provider includes four categories, 11 resources, 11 data sources, 94 self-check modules and 37 help files.

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“As IT infrastructure has grown increasingly complex, so too has the task of managing DNS strategy,” said Enrique Somoza, director of product management with Neustar Security Services. “UltraDNS’s integration with Terraform enhances our customers’ velocity to accurately deploy, manage and automate DNS updates across complex cloud environments.”

The integration will allow Neustar Security Services to enable its customers’ application of Terraform across different use cases and environments.

“This latest integration reflects Neustar Security Services’ commitment to listening to and addressing the evolving needs of its customers, particularly those who use Terraform to define, build and version infrastructure safely and efficiently,” added Somoza.

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