New Net Technologies (NNT) Launches SecureOps-as-a-Service Platform to Ensure Security for IT Infrastructures

New Net Technologies (NNT) Launches SecureOps-as-a-Service Platform to Ensure Security for IT Infrastructures

New Net Technologies (NNT), a leader in cybersecurity and compliance software, announced today the launch of its SecureOps-as-a-Service (SOaaS) solution, integrated into its award-winning flagship product Change Tracker Gen 7 R2.

NNT’s SOaaS is a Software-as-a-Service option built to enhance their customers’ ability to derive full value from NNT software with a focus on improving operational and security integrity while ensuring all assets are kept in a known, secure, and compliant state at all times.

Change Tracker enables organizations to gain visibility into every asset and all movements within their IT environment, as well as support Operational Technology (OT) and Industrial Control Systems (ICS). With real-time detection of anomalies, Change Tracker has the ability to secure a properly managed environment and prevent Zero-Day attacks.

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To assure security, NNT is now enhancing Change Tracker with SecureOps-as-a-Service functionality. With this launch, organizations will be assured that their IT and Operational Technology environments are protected from external threats and vulnerabilities.

Understanding that organizations contend with resource and time constraints when maintaining the high-level of monitoring and control necessary to ensure absolute security, NNT SecureOps-as-a-Service is available to NNT customers, regardless if their environments are fully cloud hosted or on-prem.

NNT Secure-Ops-as-a-Service coupled with Change Tracker delivers peace of mind, compliance, security and operational control. By tying systems and business processes together to evolve data and events to actionable intelligence, the NNT SecureOps service option enables firms to mature and maintain cyber resilience, improving security operation’s effectiveness from the average 60% to above 90%.

“Regardless of how much data an organization collects, it is always the decisions that the data empowers you to make that counts,” said Mark Kerrison, CEO of NNT. “We’re excited to offer NNT customers a solution which eases the burden of change control to ensure that data can always be properly protected and brought to a compliant state.”

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