NextChip Selects Rambus Security IP to Secure Apache6 Automotive Processor

NextChip Selects Rambus Security IP to Secure Apache6 Automotive Processor

Rambus Inc. (NASDAQ: RMBS), a premier chip and silicon IP provider making data faster and safer, today announced that NextChip has selected the Rambus RT-640 Root of Trust and MACsec-IP-160 Protocol Engine to provide hardware-level security for their next-generation Apache6 automotive processor. The Apache6 ADAS SoC combines advanced CPU, GPU, ISP and NPU processors to enable demanding automotive vision and domain/zone controller applications such as AVP. The Rambus RT-640 Root of Trust is specifically tailored as an embedded hardware security module (HSM) for automotive ADAS applications requiring ASIL-B level reliability. In addition, the MACsec-IP-160 encrypts and protects data communicated over the in-vehicle network.

“We’re raising the bar for reliable, compact and affordable ADAS solutions with the Apache6,” said Hweihn Chung, CTO at NextChip. “With Rambus security IP solutions, Apache6 offers state-of-the-art protection of mission-critical data while meeting full ASIL-B compliance.”

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The Rambus RT-640 Root of Trust provides security services and protection of data processed by the Apache6 SoC. The RT-640 is a powerful security co-processor featuring automotive grade embedded security software, high-performance cryptographic accelerators for AES, HMAC, SHA-2 and more. In addition, dedicated safety integrity mechanisms ensure correct operations and extensive error handling and the advanced anti-tamper features of the RT-640 protect chips from side-channel and fault injection (FI) attacks. The Rambus MACsec-IP-160 encrypts and protects data at speeds up to 100 Gbps over Ethernet in-car networks.

“The growing power and capabilities of ADAS solutions like NextChips’s Apache6 raise the stakes for the highest level of data and hardware security,” said Neeraj Paliwal, general manager of Security IP at Rambus. “It’s an honor to be selected by NextChip for our industry-leading security solutions tailored for the performance and reliability needs of the automotive market.”

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