NXT1 Introduces LaunchIT, the First 100% Serverless, Cloud-Native Platform for Secure SaaS Deployment and Management


NXT1, a Maryland-based platform-as-as-service  solutions provider, announced today the upcoming release of LaunchIT, a fully managed system for securely launching, managing, and operating software-as-a-service products. NXT1 was formed in early 2023 by executives from RockITek, an enterprise technology consulting and solutions provider, to market and support innovative security-based platform solutions for SaaS companies.

LaunchIT is a cloud-native solution, leveraging serverless computing principles to provide customers with exceptional security, performance, efficiency, and cost advantages. Its key SaaS management capabilities include:

  • Security operations, including attack surface management and vulnerability assessment
  • Cloud access security broker with digital identity management
  • Continuous compliance automation (Day 1 to FedRAMP standards)
  • Agile DevOps with automated infrastructure and observability
  • Automated data discovery, classification, and protection
  • Secure e-commerce marketplace and subscription management

“The idea for LaunchIT emerged from years of experience providing services for software vendors who marketed to regulated industries, and the public sector in particular,” said John Sobczak, CEO of NXT1. “We observed that in selling to the federal government, systems integrators, and other decision makers, cybersecurity and compliance challenges almost always present major obstacles. But we also identified a unique opportunity to accelerate any SaaS go-to-market approach by automating much of the supporting technology required for deployment. With LaunchIT, the need to stand up, configure, secure, and manage servers for SaaS is completely bypassed – and with it, the traditional risks, costs, and added time to revenue. This enables SaaS teams to shift resources away from managing and maintaining security to focus on building amazing, profitable products.”

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“A security-first approach to SaaS development has become critical to sustainable business,” said Darren House, CTO of NXT1. “LaunchIT’s Zero Trust approach dramatically reduces traditional vulnerabilities, and at the same time, the system greatly simplifies the launch and management of a product’s supporting infrastructure. This platform is purpose-built to make security-first SaaS deployment simple and accessible for any company, while also streamlining operations and expediting regulatory compliance.”

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