OneTrust Introduces Fully Integrated Ethics & Compliance Cloud

OneTrust Introduces Fully Integrated Ethics _ Compliance Cloud-01

Today at Compliance Week, OneTrust, the software platform to operationalize trust, launched the OneTrust Ethics & Compliance Cloud to foster and promote an ethical culture within organizations, maximize insights into the health of their culture, and support leaders in acting decisively upon areas of risk.

“People want to work for companies they can trust,” said Asha Palmer, OneTrust Chief Ethics and Compliance Officer. “Ethical business practices provide the foundation for businesses to inspire that trust, allowing them to showcase their values to stakeholders at every level. The OneTrust Ethics & Compliance Cloud empowers businesses to build and promote ethical and transparent behaviors, create speak-up cultures, and provide strategic value to business operations so leaders can manage risk while building and maintaining trust.”

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The OneTrust Ethics & Compliance Cloud builds the Convercent by OneTrust technology directly into the OneTrust platform, enabling compliance, ethics, HR, and legal teams to unite people, process, and technology across Ethics Program Management, Speak-Up Culture Assurance, and Third-Party Due Diligence programs in a unified cloud platform.

See the OneTrust Ethics & Compliance Cloud in Action at TrustWeek 2022 May 24-26 in Atlanta

Today more than ever, people want to work for companies that match their words with actions, align with their values and treat employees with respect. Treating employees and customers well is one of the top ways1 brands can build and regain trust. A recent study2 found that of the one in four Americans who left their job during the “Great Resignation,” 59% cited leaving because the new company fit their values. In contrast, only 31% cited pay or career advancement as a reason to change roles.

Trusted organizations create strong cultures that foster ethical behavior and build workplaces where everyone feels empowered to speak up, share their perspectives, ask challenging questions, and raise concerns without fear of retaliation. These cultures are strongest when ethical values are shared by everyone within the organization, underpinned by a shared sense of purpose, and backed by a leadership team that leads by example.

The Ethics & Compliance Cloud delivers solutions to encourage and reinforce positive behavior while delivering value to business partners by focusing on three trust management areas:

  • Ethics Program Management: Inform, engage, and train employees with an Interactive Code of Conduct, Ethics Policy Management, and Ethics Training.
  • Speak-Up Culture Assurance: Enhance your speak-up culture with targeted engagement, streamline investigations with Helpline Case Management, and proactively mitigate risk with Disclosure Management.
  • Third-Party Due Diligence: Manage third-party risk with automated screening, due diligence, risk management, and ongoing monitoring.

Learn more at Compliance Week in Washington, DC at the OneTrust Booth #13

Ethics and compliance teams know that to build great, ethical cultures, they need to transform from merely complying with regulations to building ethical cultures that can proactively identify and mitigate corporate risks and drive behavioral and organizational change. The OneTrust Ethics & Compliance Cloud will bring intelligence, scale, and automation to ethics and compliance so companies can manage their ethics data, teams, and workflows in a single platform.

“Over the last year, we’ve been working hard to integrate people, process, and the Convercent technology into the OneTrust platform,” said Patrick Quinlan, General Manager of Ethics & Compliance at OneTrust. “The combined solution strengthens ethics and compliance programs, enabling the business to build trust from the inside out while still having the opportunity to focus on privacy, security, and ESG related goals.”

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