OpenText Strengthens Security & Protection Cloud with Network Detection & Response

OpenText Strengthens Security _ Protection Cloud with Network Detection _ Response

OpenText™ (NASDAQ: OTEX), (TSX: OTEX) announced the addition of next-generation Network Detection & Response (NDR) technology to the OpenText™ Security and Protection Cloud through the acquisition of Bricata.

Maryland-based Bricata provides NDR security technologies that analyze network traffic for vulnerabilities and threats – reducing the number of false-positive security alerts, while responding to actual threats in real-time to keep enterprise networks operational and in a trusted state. The addition of the Bricata team also provides deep engineering talent to help build future products in the growing NDR market.

“As organizations benefit from digitization and the move to the Cloud, they also face new risks and challenges from cyberattacks”, said Mark J. Barrenechea, OpenText CEO & CTO. “The addition of the deep-visibility Network Detection & Response solutions provides increased protection for our customers, allowing them to focus on productivity”

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Protecting Expanded Perimeters

OpenText can now collect and analyze data from all sources across cloud, network, endpoints, email, and webserver. Trends such as remote working, Shadow IT, and Cloud adoption require new technologies to help secure the ever-expanding enterprise perimeters.

With the combination of Bricata’s NDR technology and OpenText’s Endpoint Detection & Response, Digital Forensics, and Incident Response, security teams have 360-degree visibility across network and endpoint to detect threats, conduct root cause analysis across their network, and bring systems back to a trusted state.

Additional Capabilities

Using smart sensors, Bricata’s NDR eliminates blind spots and delivers complete network visibility in support of comprehensive internal investigations. This level of inspection allows users to intelligently capture and analyze network data to support any type of internal investigations such as HR-driven investigations or fraud. The Smart Sensor also automatically examines files transmitted within the network for malicious attributes.

The Bricata purchase price and current revenues are not material to OpenText financials and are not disclosed.

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