Otorio presents remOT: the most advanced and secure supply chain connectivity solution for the digitalized industrial sector

Otorio presents

RemOT ensures zero risk management of factory floor remote access

OTORIO , the leading provider of cutting-edge digital OT risk and security management solutions, today presented remOT ™  – an advanced remote access solution to protect all connectivity links in the industrial assets supply chain. RemOT joins the company’s market-leading RAM² platform in risk management to offer digital and cyber risk management solutions that enable resilient, secure and efficient digital production.

In recent years, IoT / OT solutions have revolutionized the traditional industry scenario with the aim of improving the productivity of the factory floor. Organizations are creating supply chains  and ecosystems of solutions for third parties, giving suppliers and service providers direct, often uncontrolled, access to the factory floor. Although it aims to improve efficiency and costs, this process generally “exposes” the security of companies’ most sensitive information to third-party suppliers. OTORIO’s remOT solution eliminates this risk and restores industries’ control over the security of their supply chain.

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OTORIO co-founder and CTO Yair Attar said: “Since OT networks can control physical assets and not just data, they face unique challenges with extremely high risks. COVID-19 has only accelerated the trend. Going forward, industrial assets will be accessed remotely. OTORIO’s remOT allows business continuity for companies because it expands remote access to the supply chain. ”

Supply chain protection

Designed by OTORIO’s specialized OT security teams with industrial networks in mind, remOT minimizes industry exposure to cyber threats and the consequence for business. Unlike existing VPN solutions, remOT does not burden IT. The clientless internet application offers easy access from anywhere, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to operational teams and third-party vendors using the remOT cloud service.

Full visibility of all activities originating from a remote connection, who is doing what and when and monitoring audit records. The solution also offers total control of all types of assets (physical and data) and supports any type of protocol used in the production environment. A design-protected solution, remOT minimizes industries’ exposure to cyber threats and the business consequences.

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OTORIO’s remOT works perfectly with the company’s RAM² risk management platform. When implemented together, remOT and RAM² form a complete, state-of-the-art OT security platform that protects all aspects of production and the supply chain.