Cobwebs’ Threat Intelligence Solutions

Cobwebs' Threat Intelligence

With online threats originating from across the world and on all levels of the internet only increasing, the need to remain dynamic and neutralize attacks before any damage can be done is paramount.

The key to threat intelligence solutions is to combine real-time incident response along with proactively monitoring for malware and ransomware that are targeting key aspects of organizations and block those threats.

Since it is almost impossible for IT professionals to be constantly monitoring for new threats by criminals or organized groups who constantly change their methods, Cobweb’s threat intelligence software does the work automatically, allowing for organizations to remain dynamic and mitigate threats.

Harnessing advanced AI tools and machine learning technologies, the automated and dynamic solution provided by Cobwebs is simple and efficient, capable of staying on top of emerging threats to organizations.

The solution streamlines operations, taking all data feeds into one single AI-powered engine, making it easy for users to visualize the raw indicators turned into actionable intelligence. Once malicious assets are identified, the solution then rapidly analyzes and conducts deep threat investigations to prevent and mitigate threats.

The powerful web intelligence solutions instantly and automatically monitor, collect, and analyze, and process the data from all layers of the internet as well as social networks, including on sites that users may not want to expose their identity.

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Using the advanced threat intelligence software, unusual patterns are isolated and context about who is behind the attack, why they are carrying out the attack, and even how they are carrying out the attack is given to the user.

With that, the veil of anonymity of the attacker is then removed, and their identity is out in the open.

Users are able to immediately access contextual and real-time intelligence from an unrivaled amount of sources from across the web, including the deep and dark web, as well as receive real-time and customizable alerts.

With the seamless integration of new data sources, the web intelligence platform is also used to provide threat intelligence with real-time content monitoring to determine what might be the most relevant topics that should be monitored in order to identify an attack, whether it be keywords, locations, hashtags, or individuals.

The threat intelligence software provided by Cobwebs also provides shared access to source material and assessments to all team members and departments using the software, leading to enhance collaboration that in turn identifies and handles threats faster.

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With threat actors working overtime to organize and carry out cyberattacks, it is critical that organizations remain secured from the malicious incursions into their data from the deep and dark web. Using Cobwebs threat intelligence solutions that give them the ability to anonymously and rapidly detect and block all attacks, users will never be in the dark.