PacGenesis Releases Exclusive Solution Brief About Content Exchange & Distribution Security

PacGenesis Releases Exclusive Solution Brief About Content Exchange _ Distribution Security-01

PacGenesis, a Premier IBM Aspera Business Partner and Irdeto partner, has released a new solution brief for companies looking for an integrated solution to accelerate the transfer of video content with enhanced security. Using IBM Aspera on Cloud (AoC) to facilitate easy, high-speed exchange of large video files over a wide area network and the Irdeto TraceMark to embed forensic watermarks in each download, Content Owners can securely deliver valuable data with anyone around the world at maximum speeds.

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With IBM Aspera’s intuitive web-based interface, collaborators can send and share files and folders bundled as packages to individuals or groups, whether they are within the organization or are external partners. Irdeto TraceMark’s fully automated solution watermarks a wide range of video formats in a centralized location without affecting download speeds.

“The powerful combination of Irdeto TraceMark and IBM Aspera on Cloud allows M&E companies to leverage FASP for valuable and pre-release content transfers,” says Dipak Chocha, EVP, Sales and Business Development at PacGenesis, “This leads to speed and efficiency of content movement while applying a unique, invisible watermark to every single recipient, which secures the whole content supply chain.”

With the capabilities for simplified distribution and content exchange from IBM Aspera on Cloud and the security and traceability of assets from Irdeto TraceMark, your business can secure the entire Work-In-Progress and Content Distribution pipeline.

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