Panther Labs and Snowflake Partner to Deliver Powerful, Real-Time Threat Detection and Security Monitoring for Snowflake

Panther Labs and Snowflake Partner to Deliver Powerful_ Real-Time Threat Detection and Security Monitoring for Snowflake-01

Panther Labs, provider of a cloud-scale security analytics platform trusted by many of the world’s leading brands, today announced their new offering, Panther for Snowflake, developed in partnership with Snowflake, the Data Cloud company, to provide purpose-built security monitoring and threat detection.

Panther for Snowflake is available immediately and contains out-of-the-box detections to help security teams monitor activity and validate security configurations in their Snowflake Data Cloud. Security teams can collect and analyze Snowflake logs in real-time to detect tampering or unwanted changes to security settings and monitor for incidents or security risks. With Panther for Snowflake, Snowflake event logs are aggregated, normalized and analyzed along with security events from other systems so security teams have greater visibility into potential threats across their entire IT infrastructure from cloud to on-premises.

“As more and more organizations choose Snowflake as their Data Cloud, it is critical that they monitor their Snowflake environment for insecure configurations and other potential security risks,” said Jack Naglieri, CEO and founder of Panther Labs. “We are excited to empower security teams with an expanded, integrated solution for real-time security monitoring and threat detection for Snowflake.”

“Snowflake’s team of security experts partnered with Panther to develop this security solution,” said Omer Singer, Head of Cybersecurity Strategy at Snowflake. “By providing out-of-the-box rules based on Snowflake security best practices, Panther enables Snowflake customers to detect and mitigate compromised users, insider threats and other risks to their Data Cloud environment.”

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Designed to help Snowflake customers quickly implement robust and effective security and compliance controls for their Snowflake environment, Panther for Snowflake can provide seamless and powerful security monitoring to all Snowflake customers.

Benefits of Panther for Snowflake include: 

  • Rapid deployment with out-of-the-box support for detecting common and advanced attacker patterns
  • Real-time security monitoring and threat detection for Snowflake with zero operational overhead
  • Codification of Snowflake’s security best practices with automated detection of changes to critical settings such as admin credentials and other access controls
  • Long-term security data and event retention with the ability to quickly run queries over months of data in minutes to support investigations and reporting
  • Aggregation of all of your business and security event data in a single location for faster, easier access

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