Periculus Becomes a Business Partner with TIP National for New Cyber Insurance Offering

Periculus Becomes a Business Partner with TIP National for New Cyber Insurance Offering-01

Periculus announced today the launch of a new cyber insurance offering for users of its digital risk management solutions. Developed in collaboration with TIP National, LLC, Periculus now provides small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) the ability to instantly request a quote, purchase, and manage a cyber insurance policy tailored to meet the exact needs of the business.

“We are thrilled to partner with TIP, which makes accessing and procuring cyber insurance easy for our customers,” Mark Lowers, CEO of Periculus, said.  “This new insurance offering completes a technology stack that includes a free cyber risk assessment and report, powered by Mastercard’s Cyber Quant, the ability to purchase recommended mitigation services through cybersecurity services partner, Merchants Information Solutions, and Risk Concierge, our exclusive platform for Periculus users that provides a custom dashboard to easily manage digital risk in one place.”

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TIP National has over a decade of experience working with small business owners and provides insurance products that include loss control services, financing, and risk mitigation.  Through TIP National’s MGA portal inside the Risk Concierge platform, Periculus users will be able to access A-rated insurance carriers focused on cyber insurance for SMBs. Within minutes, Periculus customers can now request, receive, and review a cyber insurance quote, and then purchase a policy that provides coverage against cyber threats that include certain security breaches and ransomware attacks.

“With 43% of all data breaches targeting SMBs, it was important for us to carefully curate insurance policies with the goal of providing appropriate, competitively priced options for small and medium-sized businesses,” Danielle Kaminski, President of Periculus, said. “Together with our trusted partners, MasterCard, Merchants, and now TIP National, we are committed to supporting SMBs and giving them access to best-in-class mitigation solutions that protect their businesses and keep them up and running. As Periculus continues to expand, we look forward to helping more businesses understand their digital risks, minimize those risks, and gain the freedom to flourish in the digital economy.”

“We have worked with the team behind Periculus for a long time, and as the digital economy continues to grow, we fully support their vision to make it simple for small and medium-sized businesses to purchase and manage cyber insurance policies,” Mark Tuchmann, President at TIP National, LLC, said. “As an insurance MGA, we’ve helped small business owners get coverage to protect their businesses for over 10 years, and our leadership team has entrepreneurial roots that go back 30 years or more, so we understand SMBs. We’re thrilled to help Periculus users get the cyber coverage they need.”

Existing Periculus customers can login to view the insurance module in their Risk Concierge dashboard.  New users can sign-up here and take their initial cyber risk assessment and see where they are vulnerable, request a quote, and explore which policy might benefit their business best.

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