SciTech Wireless Streamlines Access Control Integration by launching the WILDR Product Family

SciTech Wireless Streamlines Access Control Integration by launching the WILDR Product Family-01

SciTech Wireless, a leading global manufacturer and supplier of wireless access control system interfaces, is pleased to offer two new products in its WILDR family providing unparalleled wireless access control scalability and flexibility for data centers.

The WILDR-MIU, is an Addressable Wireless Master Interface Unit, providing RS-232, RS-485 and RS-422 Transceivers. WILDR-MIU1 is an addressable single-door (or, access panel) interface radio providing wireless card-badge-credential reader interface as well as door controls (LEDs, electric strike, door position indicator, and REX button). WILDR-MIU2 is an addressable dual-door-panel interface radio suited for rack cabinets (virtual cage radio).

Physical Access Control Systems (PACS) are necessary for every facility-new or old- protecting employees, tangible assets, and intellectual property. Every facility has unique security requirements, diverse environments, and special circumstances demanding innovative solutions where standard PACS fall short, or are very expensive to implement.

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The WILDR product family was designed to remove implementation obstacles; long distances requiring trenching; avoiding ‘public right-of-way’ red-tapes; avoiding core-drilling to route wires; surface-mounting wires; compensating for lack of conduit space between buildings, and the list goes on. SciTech Wireless provides a family of wireless products with incredible architectural flexibility and scalability to overcome difficult installation challenges at fraction of the cost of a traditional wired set up.

The WILDR products can work with any existing wired access control system, and will make mixing of wired and wireless an easy task. The entire product development was done with easy deployment in mind”. SciTech products are software transparent to all wired access control suppliers.

SciTech Wireless provides connectivity between doors and control panels–and between control panels and servers–supporting a variety of architectures, independent of the access control systems manufacturer.

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