Play Ransomware Group Announces Attack On A10 Networks

Play Ransomware Group Announces Attack On A10 Networks

The Play ransomware gang has claimed responsibility for the cyberattack that application delivery controller (ADC) provider A10 Networks disclosed last week.

The San Jose, California-based company provides software and hardware ADCs covering next-gen and 5G networks, cloud security, and threat intelligence.

In an 8-K filing last week, A10 Networks disclosed that in late January it fell victim to a cyberattack that was quickly addressed.

According to the company, the incident, which was identified on January 23, did not impact products or solutions that are used by its customers.

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“The company has comprehensive security protocols in place, which helped address this incident in an expedited manner, and is reviewing additional steps to further strengthen its security posture,” A10 Networks says in the 8-K filing.

The ADC maker also notes that it does not expect the cyberattack to have a material impact on operations.

A10 Networks did not say what type of cyberattack it fell victim to, nor did it say whether the incident resulted in the theft of data.

However, last week, the cybergang operating the Play ransomware added to its leaks website an entry for A10 Networks, claiming responsibility for the attack.

The ransomware operators also claim that they were able to exfiltrate various types of data from the manufacturer, including personal information, confidential data, technical documentation, agreements, client documents, and employee data.

The cybergang did not mention the amount of exfiltrated data, but claims it will make it all public on February 14.

Initially spotted in June 2022, the Play ransomware (also known as PlayCrypt) has been one of the most active file-encrypting malware families over the past several months. According to data from deep web intelligence project DarkFeed, it was the fifth most active ransomware operation in January 2023.

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