Portworx Extends PX-Backup to Enable Data Protection Across Any Kubernetes CSI-Based Environment

Portworx Extends PX-Backup to Enable Data Protection Across Any Kubernetes CSI-Based Environment

Portworx by Pure Storage, the industry’s most complete Kubernetes Data Services Platform, today announced updates to its award-winning product for full-service data protection, PX-Backup. The latest release, PX-Backup 1.2, now works with any storage array or software-defined storage (SDS) solution that supports the Kubernetes CSI spec, including Pure Storage FlashArray and FlashBlade. This gives customers flexibility and choice across any environment, even if they’re not using PX-Store, Portworx’s own container-granular storage engine. Additionally, PX-Backup 1.2 integrates a new usage-based billing model priced at 20 cents/node/hour, making it the ideal choice for growing businesses who want the flexibility of a pay-as-you-go model. To validate this, Portworx was named a leader in the GigaOm Radar Report for Kubernetes Data Protection for providing “a highly scalable and flexible solution for Kubernetes data storage and management that works seamlessly across different on-premises and cloud environments”.

According to 451 Research, 53% of companies have application recovery point objectives (RPO) of less than 24 hours even for non-critical apps and data – demonstrating the criticality of backups for all enterprise applications. To solve this, Portworx released PX-Backup, a point-and-click backup and recovery solution for Kubernetes applications. PX-Backup provides IT organizations with an end-to-end backup solution for containerized applications capable of managing container data lifecycles, cataloging relevant metadata, improving visibility of data access, and enabling restoration of full Kubernetes applications. PX-Backup delivers true multi-cloud availability across both stateless and stateful Kubernetes clusters, supporting major block storage systems like Amazon EBS, Google Persistent Disk, Azure Managed Disks, VMWare Storage, Pure FlashArray and any other CSI-compatible storage system.

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“One year ago today, we introduced PX-Backup as a way for enterprises to capture Kubernetes application data, configuration and objects as a single unit, making them easily recoverable and redeployable,” said Murli Thirumale, General Manager, Cloud Native Business Unit, Pure Storage. “Today’s release introduces PX-Backup to an even larger audience, including enterprises not using PX-Store, and delivers the best in data protection, data management and data recovery, that our customers have come to expect.”

Today’s news follows a year of tremendous growth for Portworx, heightened by its acquisition by Pure Storage in September. Additional 2020 momentum metrics include:

  • Named a leader within GigaOm’s Radar Reports for Data Storage for Kubernetes
  • Achieved “Work with Anthos” qualifications from Google Cloud for its ability to enhance enterprise readiness of data services running on Anthos.
  • Achieved “Advanced Technology Partner” status from AWS for providing Portworx Storage Platform for Kubernetes access to AWS customers via AWS Marketplace.
  • Features like PX-Backup, PX-DR and PX-Security were recognized as some of the most advanced solutions in the market for disaster recovery, data management and scalability by customers and analyst firms alike.

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