Press release // Capgemini and OVHcloud sign a global partnership to enable organizations to drive their transformation in the cloud in a secure manner

Press release Capgemini and OVHcloud sign a global partnership to enable organizations to drive their transformation in the cloud in a secure manner

Capgemini and OVHcloud announce that they have signed a global partnership to meet the cloud transformation needs of public and private organizations. This alliance combines the power and innovation of OVHcloud’s latest generation cloud solutions with Capgemini’s solid experience in data protection, security, artificial intelligence and data analysis, application solutions, “Managed services” and native development in the cloud. The combined expertise of the two players will allow organizations to create their cloud infrastructure with the highest international security standards.

Through this global partnership, it is the respective commitments of Capgemini and OVHcloud in terms of secure cloud transformation that are brought together. Together, the two players intend to build end-to-end sovereign cloud solutions, notably within the framework of the European Alliance on Industrial Data and Cloud and the Important Project of Common European Interest  ( IPCEI ) for the construction infrastructure and cloud services to be launched in 2021.

The two companies will cooperate to implement their capabilities globally, providing organizations with access to a unique set of services and skills for secure, end-to-end, public, private and hybrid cloud infrastructure services. . The solution also aims to promote open source software and leverage GAIA-X standards to enable interoperability, portability, trust and transparency of infrastructure, applications and data. In order to be able to take advantage of data, this global partnership will notably allow the development of European data spaces bringing together public and private actors.

In accordance with their respective commitments to reduce their carbon footprint, OVHcloud and Capgemini will work together to deliver sustainable cloud services. In particular, they will ensure that their common solutions tend towards carbon neutrality by optimizing the use of resources according to customer needs, by promoting a more energy efficient supply chain, by managing the life cycles of infrastructure and materials and by promoting a more local energy mix.

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This alliance builds on the longstanding collaboration Capgemini and OVHcloud with several publishers worldwide to offer integrated software solutions sovereign end to end, based on the label OVHcloud Open Trusted Cloud , qualification SecNumCloud and the Health Data Hosting (HDS) certification.
In order to develop their collaboration on a global level, OVHcloud and Capgemini will combine their capacities and their investments. In order to help common clients accelerate their cloud transformation, Capgemini will also bring its solid experience of the global cloud market as well as the intellectual property developed internally by the Group.

“OVHcloud is proud to partner with Capgemini to provide public and private organizations with common and reliable cloud solutions that guarantee data protection and confidentiality in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation,” said Michel Paulin, CEO of OVHcloud. “The synergy between our two companies will allow us to meet the security, interoperability and transparency requirements of any type of organization in an efficient and appropriate manner, by facilitating their transition to the cloud. “

“We are delighted to extend our partnership with OVHcloud to enable organizations around the world to drive their digital transformation in the cloud in a secure manner,” comments Aiman ​​Ezzat, CEO of the Capgemini group. “By combining Capgemini’s expertise in cybersecurity and data sovereignty, with OVHcloud’s vision for the future of cloud infrastructure, we can give customers the speed and agility they need to achieve their transformation goals in the cloud. “