Prominent Security Evangelist Joins Virsec as Chief Security Advisor

Prominent Security Evangelist Joins Virsec

Virsec, the industry leader in application-aware workload protection, announced today that Jim Routh has joined the company as Chief Security Advisor and Board Participant. Routh recognizes the breakthrough technology that Virsec has pioneered and will leverage his expertise in transformational security to support innovation while driving positive business results.

Routh is focused on applying risk management disciplines to the converged security function for global enterprises looking to achieve enterprise resilience. He has demonstrated a track record of designing robust security controls to allow leading brands to deliver world-class level security capabilities. Routh formerly served as the CISO for MassMutual, the CSO at Aetna, and the Global Head of Application and Mobile Security for JP Morgan Chase. He also was the CISO for KPMG, DTCC, and American Express and has more than 30 years of experience in information technology and information security as a practitioner, management consultant, and leader of technology, analytic, and information security functions for global firms.

“Security has entered a third wave, driven by the skyrocketing success of more damaging and sophisticated attacks across cloud workloads and virtual server infrastructure,” Routh said. “It is time for security to be re-evaluated at its deepest levels and approached holistically by integrating security into IT and application infrastructure in runtime across a broad range of IT environments and application languages. Virsec has pioneered this approach with its 48 patents and breakthrough platform, and I am excited to be able to help further position the company as the solution for modern cybersecurity challenges.”

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This new appointment comes on the heels of the addition of John Chambers, former Executive Chairman and CEO of Cisco Systems and current founder and CEO of JC2 Ventures, as an investor and strategic advisor for Virsec. Leveraging backing from leading voices like Chambers and Routh and the trust of customers such as Raytheon, Broadcom, and the U.S. Government have positioned Virsec for ongoing growth and widespread adoption of its application-aware workload protection solutions.

“In today’s growing threat environment, it is imperative we change the way we think about the protection of our assets and infrastructure. Conventional security tools, like blacklisting models, were designed to address yesterday’s challenges, and we can’t continue to accept these offerings as the gold standard,” said Dave Furneaux, CEO, Virsec. “Jim recognizes the value of Virsec’s unique approach, and with his support and guidance, we will be positioned as the technology choice to solve the complex cybersecurity threats that organizations face each day.”

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