ProWriters Partners with Pondurance to Bring World-Class Security Services to Policyholders

ProWriters Partners with Pondurance to Bring World-Class Security Services to Policyholders

Today ProWriters announces a partnership with Pondurance, a leader in cyber security delivering world-class managed detection and response (MDR) services and 24/7/365 real-time cyber incident response (IR). As a result of this partnership, ProWriters is able to be more proactive with policyholders to reduce cyber risks.

Cyber events are increasing in frequency and having a named team is the first step to quick remediation should an incident occur.

The services available with the ProWriters and Pondurance partnership are meant to lower risk with Pondurance’s MDR services and reduce the size and impact of a cyber event with Pondurance’s IR services. This partnership brings value to the client in addition to their insurance and services that come with a policy.

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“Having known the ProWriters team for years, I know their commitment to customers and continually bringing value to their brokers and their brokers’ customers.

We are happy to be able to work with ProWriters to help them evolve their value-add and extend their customers capabilities to help the policyholders continually reduce cyber risk through an approach of continuously monitoring critical assets as well as having incident response capabilities in place in advance of an actual event,” Doug Howard, CEO of Pondurance.

“We are excited to announce our partnership with Pondurance and thrilled to be able to bring value to our brokers, their clients, and to the carriers that we work with. The experience that Doug and the Pondurance team brings to the table will enable us to provide services to risks that we place at no cost to our brokers’ insureds, while at the same time reducing their risk and improving their incident response capabilities.

Additionally, our carriers will see risks with improved ability to detect and respond to cyber events,” Brian Thornton, CEO of ProWriters.