Qumulo Launches Recover Q to Help Defend Enterprises Against Ransomware Attacks

Qumulo Launches Recover Q to Help Defend Enterprises Against Ransomware Attacks

Qumulo, the breakthrough leader in radically simplifying enterprise file data management across hybrid cloud environments, today unveiled Qumulo® Recover Q, a business continuity and disaster recovery solution that bolsters existing strategies to help guard against and react to ransomware threats. The new solution helps customers minimize the attack surface threat actors target and leverages disaster recovery (DR) on-premises or in the cloud to quickly resume operations. A core component of Recover Q is a new low-cost cloud disaster recovery-as-a-service capability. This solution allows customers to replicate data and snapshots offsite, providing an added layer of defense and near-instant failover capability in the event of a disaster. In addition, with Recover Q, customers can eliminate redundant data centers to drive down capital costs.

Today’s enterprises and IT departments face mounting pressure to defend against attacks and withstand a worst-case scenario without missing a beat. With Qumulo, customers are armed with powerful, built-in security controls to minimize the attack surface and replication policies that offer second-site recovery options that are future-proof and cost-effective.

“Our scientific findings are priceless, and our data is irreplaceable,” said Jason Krisch, Director of IT at Fralin Biomedical VT Carilion. “With Qumulo, I know it’s fully protected.”

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According to a recent report from Trend Micro, 84% of US organizations have reported phishing or ransomware security incidents in the last 12 months (1). As ransomware and malware threats accelerate, IT departments are under more pressure than ever to prevent attacks, recover data and resume business operations as quickly as possible. With Qumulo Recover Q, IT leaders gain a solution that prioritizes data integrity while reducing overall costs. In the event of a data breach, the powerful, integrated Qumulo Protect and Qumulo Secure data services of Recover Q provide a combination of native features and capabilities built directly into Qumulo Core.

“Data is among one of the most valuable assets to any organization, creating greater incentives to would-be attackers who are getting more sophisticated with their techniques. To prevent ransomware attacks, a comprehensive strategy to detect and defend against such invasions is paramount,” said Ben Gitenstein, Vice President of Product at Qumulo. “Recover Q provides our customers a radically simple solution to add an additional layer of strategic defense that helps mitigate attacks and provides the ability to seamlessly recover if one occurs.”

To learn more about how to help defend your organization’s data against ransomware attacks, contact us to experience the power of Recover Q in action.

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