Ravel Technologies S.A.S. Releases Major Breakthroughs in Fully Homomorphic Encryption (FHE)


Ravel Technologies S.A.S. (“Ravel” or “Company”) proudly unveils several major patent-pending breakthroughs in Fully Homomorphic Encryption (FHE). Now 4 orders of magnitude faster than state-of-the-art, Ravel’s algorithmic discoveries are designed to make FHE finally scalable. The team is now building a sophisticated suite of fully encrypted technologies including the first fully encrypted SQL database equipped to query billions of encrypted data points, as well as advanced machine learning algorithms.

“Now that we have successfully overcome FHE’s biggest challenges, we will begin to put its uniquely powerful, protective capabilities to work,” explains Ravel CEO Mehdi Sabeg. “We have identified exciting opportunities in financial markets and privacy-preserving personalised advertising. We plan to address a full spectrum of vertically-diverse use cases, such as health data management, supply chain, financial services, and public services utilising our data sharing and analytics platform.”

Ravel includes a team of outstanding senior researchers in mathematics and is advised by Fields Medal Recipient Cedric Villani.

“Given the impressive, major algorithmic breakthroughs achieved by Ravel’s team, Ravel Fully Homomorphic Encryption (RHE) is orders of magnitude faster than state-of-the-art FHE schemes,” notes Villani. “With the continual increase of personal and industrial data being processed globally, privacy, and confidentiality protection are of paramount importance. Ravel’s breakthroughs bring an efficient and scalable answer to critical data privacy and security challenges.”

Ravel’s ability to process encrypted data with low latency and high throughput provides unparalleled de-identification capabilities that can also facilitate targeted advertisements with zero-knowledge of the consumer. Brands worldwide have long sought after exactly this solution, one that doesn’t infringe on the privacy of their users.

In the same fashion, Ravel can operate fully encrypted financial exchanges and remove certain market biases induced by plaintext data that can be exploited in the bidding process, for example. In this sector, confidentiality protection becomes increasingly important for large financial institutions starting to rely on transparent blockchain infrastructure.

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“As we experienced during our Proof of Concept, Ravel has demonstrated that its technology can enable secure and efficient processing for high volumes of encrypted data,” BNP Paribas Group Chief Information Officer and Executive Committee Member Bernard Gavgani confirms. “They are well on their way to solving data sharing and analytics challenges in banking and finance for brands worldwide. We look forward to pursuing our collaboration.”

As Ravel strengthens its technological edge, the team is focused on scaling up its commercial growth, with a concentration on building out its presence across the US and European markets.

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