ReaQta presents Cyber ​​Assistant, the industry’s first Alert Management System based on Artificial Intelligence, part of ReaQta-Hive 3.6.

ReaQta presents Cyber Assistant_ the industry's first Alert Management System based on Artificial Intelligence_ part of ReaQta-Hive 3.6

ReaQta announces the release of ReaQta-Hive 3.6, the latest version of the Autonomous Detection & Response Platform. This latest release optimizes the platform’s already intuitive design for analysts and Managed Security Service Providers, leveraging the latest innovations in Artificial Intelligence to offer a new type of security alert management: Cyber ​​Assistant.

Using Deep Graph Learning, ReaQta introduces the latest automations to reduce costs, increase the efficiency of analytics teams and improve alert accuracy.

Cyber ​​Assistant by ReaQta

Cyber ​​Assistant is a new active component of ReaQta-Hive that uses Deep Learning and one-shot learning to independently manage security alerts, reduce false positives and analyst workload by more than 80% .

The growing interconnectivity between computers and the rise of cybercrime have considerably increased the amount of work of the security teams and with it the number of alerts to be managed daily. The additional workload increases the average response time to cyber incidents and causes staff fatigue.

Cyber ​​Assistant is the first system to bring one-shot learning to market and demonstrates ReaQta’s technological leadership in endpoint protection and in keeping the Cybersecurity simplification promises. Cyber ​​Assistant is able to immediately learn from an analyst’s decisions and manage alerts in complete autonomy and without external intervention.

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The advantage of Cyber ​​Assistant for customers:

  • Machine learning and self-management of analyst decision making directly in your infrastructure or MSSP environments.
  • More free time to allow analysts to focus on high-level analysis, threat identification and threat hunting.
  • Reduction of the impact in case of staff absence, the Cyber ​​Assistant remains operational even in situations of reduced or absent staff.
  • Reduction of training and updating costs, because the knowledge learned from the system is kept in the Cyber ​​Assistant and can be used to train new staff.
  • Lower costs of services because Cyber ​​Assistant does not require any external maintenance.

Cyber ​​Assistant is available now for all ReaQta-Hive customers, at no additional cost.

“We are proud that ReaQta has been named a Gartner Cool Vendor in the Endpoint Protection market for our use of AI & ML and the NanoOS ™ agent. Today we are pleased to announce a further innovation, first in the industry, with Cyber ​​Assistant that reduces the workload of analysts by more than 80%, restoring the position of control of the defense officers in a reality where cyber attacks are in continuous increase “. Alberto Pelliccione, CEO of ReaQta.

Multi-Client Admin

ReaQta’s powerful new management level allows MSSPs (Managed Security Service Providers) and customers to manage separate and complex client environments in a completely organic way, improving efficiency and increasing the granularity of access to the platform with fully hierarchical structures.

Designed for greater ease of use in cloud environments, larger partners can now host multiple MSSPs in the same infrastructure, giving them the option to manage multiple customers simultaneously without the burden of maintaining the infrastructure itself.

Application Inventory

To help analysts make faster and more efficient decisions during the preliminary threat analysis phase and the identification of vulnerabilities, all information on the software installed on the endpoints is now available directly within the platform.

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