Unison Unveils Innovations To Improve GovCon Contract Management

Unison Unveils Innovations to Improve GovCon Contract Management

Unison, the leading provider of Contract Management software, and insight to government contractors and federal agencies, today announced its Data Migration and Advanced Connector solutions for Unison’s Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) system.

Unison’s Data Migration (DM) dramatically reduces the time and effort needed to move headers, clauses, line items, and supporting documents into CLM. DM delivers these benefits in three ways.

First, Data Migration uses Amazon Textract to automatically extract header, clause, and line-item data from awards and modifications. Amazon Textract is a fully managed machine learning service from Amazon Web Services (AWS) that automatically extracts printed text, handwriting, and other data from scanned documents that goes beyond simple optical character recognition (OCR) to identify, understand, and extract data from forms and tables. “Users get the best combination – Unison’s unrivaled support for Contract professionals and AI capabilities from world leading data scientists at AWS,” said Paul Edelmann, GM of Unison’s GovCon division.

Second, DM features a “Data Vac” that eliminates the need for Contract professionals to type in data from any source documents. Easier and quicker than even drag-and-drop, Data Vac eliminates keying errors and the tedious aspects of data entry that must be 100% correct every time.

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Finally, DM streamlines moving existing data from legacy systems into Unison CLM. Using a data staging area and transformation scripts, DM minimizes the time and effort Contract and IT experts invest in bulk data uploads.

Unison’s Advanced Connector (AC) ensures that integration between Unison CLM and leading financial systems and other enterprise tools is comprehensive, safe, quick, and affordable.

The Advanced Connector supports the full range of project numbering conventions and work breakdown structures, so the Contracts team can modernize without limiting the flexibility that Finance needs. The Advanced Connector even supports GovCons with multiple instances of different types of financial systems.

“Integrations with financial systems are mission critical. The Advanced Connector is powered by Talend, the clear leader for integration between Contracts and financial systems,” said Brock Lending, Chief Technology Officer at Unison. Unison AC works with all leading cloud service providers.

Unison CLM is the only contract management system built from the ground up for Federal government contractors. A secure, configurable, enterprise grade solution, CLM provides comprehensive support to contract professionals by ensuring compliance with FAR/DFARS, making data calls efficient and audits painless.

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