SASSI and Attila Security Announce Partnership to Deliver Hockeypuk Solutions to Remote Workers

SASSI and Attila Security Announce Partnership to Deliver Hockeypuk Solutions to Remote Workers

Hockeypuk Cybersecurity Consulting, a subsidiary of Special Aerospace Security Services, Inc., is partnering with Attila Security to deliver unprecedented secure solutions to the remote workforce. Attila has branded the GoSilent Cube and GoSilent Server as Hockeypuk to support end-to-end client to cloud turnkey solutions and services broadening the scope of provision for mobile teams and the SASSI network. As such, Attila Security is adding their product to a series of integrated solutions SASSI offers to the government and will one day deliver to industries as well. In short, Hockeypuk now delivers secure remote access through hardware-based VPNs that fit in the palm of your hand using the Attila GoSilent Cube.

Today, SASSI has operationalized zero client to cloud solutions leveraging the Hockeypuk and the server in AWS and Microsoft cloud-hosted environments. Attila Security provides the encrypted VPN solution and NIAP certification to support sensitive and classified data transport and communications. This partnership enhances direct support and services to the mobile workforce, enabling organizations to diversify their workforce leveraged and exercised from all over the country to remotely work on government projects.

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SASSI delivers the integration and end-to-end solution for the user community. They promote the use of zero clients and virtual desktops to reduce the endpoint vulnerability footprint and cost of securing traditional desktops and laptops. This means that there is no operating system, applications, data, patching, or touch labor at the user level. Rather, users can fully function in the cloud, closest to their data as SASSI delivers and supports endpoint management, monitoring, and visibility in the cloud, from the cloud.

The product itself is called the Hockeypuk Flyaway Kit. It includes a zero client laptop or desktop, bundled with a Hockeypuk security device, and peripherals packaged and shipped directly to customers. It includes easy to set up User Guide that allows any user to connect to their source Internet and align to their hosting environment within minutes.

“The unique design of this handheld Hockeypuk device, designed by Attila and certified by NIAP, is the first of its kind. SASSI’s ability to support remote cyber operations and secured business operations is innovative and revolutionary. SASSI is excited to engage with Attila’s exceptional products to deliver unique and simplistic security solutions for the Nation’s mobile workforce.” Ms Robby Ann Carter, SASSI CEO

SASSI Security has three operating divisions which include Integrated Security Solutions (ISS), National Security Training Institute (NSTI) and Health Security Services (HSS). With National Security as their main focus, they specialize in solving challenging problems within the Intelligence Community, DoD, and other Federal Agencies. Their broad partnerships, consulting services and various products such as the Hockeypuk Flyaway Kit, they are able to play a significant role in the cybersecurity industry.

“Attila Security is always looking for innovative partners to enhance our GoSilent Product Line. The HockeyPuk zero trust technology developed By SASSI is another example of how Attila’s Technology can be leveraged in the government and enterprise markets.” Gregg Smith, Attila Security CEO

Attila Security is a leader in network security that meets National Security standards. With NIAP-certified solutions, Attila provides simple, trustworthy security for government agencies and corporations. Platform capabilities enable users to secure networks, endpoints, global users and collaborative file sharing. Attila also has a myriad of partnerships which extend its reach for everything from IoT security to support of DoD contractors.

The coordination between SASSI and Attila Security provides an accessible and simple opportunity for remote workforces and end users to gain secure access to the data and systems they require.

Hockeypuk Flyaway Kits are also available for pre-configured devices and BYOD scenarios. A 15:1 Hockeypuk ratio can be achieved, which provides a use case for small offices as a WiFi hotspot or a simple wired switch network to share use of a single Hockeypuk. Attila provides the Hockeypuk server SASSI configures, manages and supports in within your hosting environment on-prem or in cloud.