Scalefusion Launches OS Update and Upgrade Management for macOS

Scalefusion Launches OS Update and Upgrade Management for macOS

ProMobi Technologies today announced that Scalefusion, its Unified Endpoint Management solution, has announced the launch of the OS Update and Upgrade Management for the Apple macOS.

With this feature, IT admins can choose to either directly push the updates and upgrades to the managed devices or enable the end users to update the device at their convenience.

As businesses increasingly rely on digital transformation, installing the latest updates becomes a critical aspect of device provisioning and management. Recognizing the challenges faced by IT administrators in curating, installing and pushing updates and upgrades on macOS devices, Scalefusion has now extended the OS Update and Upgrade Management feature for macOS.

Scalefusion’s all-new OS Update and Upgrade Management for macOS revolutionizes the landscape of publishing and managing macOS updates and upgrades. This new feature empowers IT admins to push software updates and upgrades. They can either push the updates directly to the devices or give end users the flexibility to update their devices at their convenience by deferring the software updates.

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“We are excited to introduce the OS Update and Upgrade Management for macOS to enable the process of upgrading and updating the macOS version undertaken by IT teams provisioning and managing Mac devices. Our aim is to provide a secure and efficient update management experience, empowering IT admins to easily curate, install and update versions of operating systems with confidence,” commented Sriram Kakarala, VP of Products at Scalefusion.

IT admins can leverage the macOS Update and Upgrade Management by Scalefusion to improve the security posture of their organization.

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