Seasoned Cybersecurity And Information Systems Professional Jason Cook Assumes New Role As President Of Cyber Defense Labs

Seasoned Cybersecurity And Information Systems Professional Jason Cook Assumes New Role As President Of Cyber Defense Labs

Cyber Defense Labs, a Dallas-based expert cybersecurity services firm that helps companies strengthen security and reduce risk across their business environment, announced today that its chief operating officer, Jason Cook, has been promoted to president of the company.

In his new role as president, Cook is responsible for developing the company’s strategy, services and operations. He will also manage investor relations and foster key partnerships.

Cook joined Cyber Defense Labs in February 2019, after a prolific career with BT, a multinational telecommunications holding company formerly known as British Telecom, and The Chertoff Group, a security and risk management advisory service provider based in Washington, D.C.

“Complex business operations require a holistic and thoughtful approach,” says Cook. “Serving your client well in this industry requires understanding how their business operates, where their cyber risks are in those operations, and then developing a roadmap that helps them reduce and manage their risks even as their business evolves.”

During Cook’s tenure as COO, Cyber Defense Labs expanded to provide comprehensive cybersecurity services to client partners before, during and after an incident. As a trusted business partner, Cyber Defense Labs’ wide-ranging capabilities help companies identify, monitor and respond to cyber threats around the clock.

Cook has helped swiftly grow the company into a formidable player in the cybersecurity field. These efforts have already led to a multi-million-dollar influx in capital that will be used to continue to grow and diversify the company’s operations.

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“Jason’s depth of experience and breadth of knowledge makes him uniquely qualified for the role of president at Cyber Defense Labs,” said Cyber Defense Labs Chief Executive Officer Robert E. Anderson, Jr. “Jason understands the cybersecurity challenges facing businesses today, the inner workings of a complicated business enterprise, and he will continue to cultivate a culture of professionalism, integrity and excellence.”

Over the course of his 26 years at BT, Cook has held numerous positions, including chief information security officer and chief technology officer for BT Americas, covering the United StatesCanada, and Latin America. Cook eventually assumed the role of vice president of security and chief information systems officer for BT Americas.

While serving as vice president of security, Cook led a regional security practice that was responsible for managing sales, maintaining partner relationships, overseeing engineering and cyber operations.

“As president, I am excited to support our expert team of professionals as we bring our distinctive approach to cyber and business risk management to companies that need a trusted partner to help manage today’s complex risk environment,” said Cook.

In addition to his work at Cyber Defense Labs, Cook serves on the board and advisory boards of several technology and cybersecurity companies.

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