Securing the Future: MCPc Launches New Cybersecurity as a Service Subscription Program

Cybersecurity as a Service

MCPc, a leading data protection and security risk management firm has launched Cybersecurity as a Service (CYBaaS), a unique, tailored security service to help companies clearly understand and identify their security vulnerabilities and protect their business from cyber risk.

“The threat landscape is very real and on the rise, significantly increasing the probability of a cyber incident taking place – particularly now with a distributed workforce,” says MCPc’s Chief Information Security Officer Ronnie Munn. “Having a clear and thoroughly-outlined Incident Response program and plan helps organizations dramatically reduce their chances of an attack and helps them ‘keep their calm’ in moments of crisis.”

Cybersecurity as a Service provides an organization with a comprehensive plan to prepare for and prevent business-disrupting cyberattacks. Assessments provided by MCPc can help clients quickly discover areas of vulnerability, gain visibility into areas of opportunity, and then empirically measure improvements.

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“We’ve taken the typical reactive incident response (IR) retainer model and pivoted to a proactive model with the goal of partnering with a company, identifying gaps and vulnerabilities, mapping out a plan moving forward, integrating best-in-class cyber tracking software, and practicing incident simulations, like a ransomware attack, via table top exercises,” says Munn.

With cyberattacks accelerating at an alarming rate, the MCPc security and cyber leadership team provides a wealth of knowledge and expertise while helping to defend organizations from cybercriminals.

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With over 60 security professionals and a Cyber & Security Leadership Team that has over 200 years of law enforcement, FBI, CIA, Fortune 50/500, and large mid-market experience, MCPc has the consulting and critical infrastructure cybersecurity credibility to provide a comprehensive, holistic, scalable, yet practical approach to today’s security challenges.

“From a value add perspective, Cybersecurity as a Service is a huge upgrade from previous concepts,” says Christopher Prewitt, an MCPc Security Principal. “The business is improving their cybersecurity posture each and every month, thereby lowering the risk of an intrusion, and if they do get breached, they’ve created the resiliency to mitigate the attack and lessen the overall impact on the business and its operations. And, it’s designed to be easy to implement and affordable.”