Security Luminary Troy Hunt Joins 1Password as Strategic Advisor


World’s most trusted password manager adds leading security expert to an advisory board

Troy Hunt, a leading voice on global security, has joined the advisory board of 1Password, the world’s most trusted password manager. Hunt will share expertise from two decades working across security to help guide 1Password’s growth and meet the demand of businesses and consumers seeking to secure their online activity.

Hunt is a world-renowned internet security specialist and founder of Have I Been Pwned, a free global resource that has publically uncovered nearly 500 organizations that have been breached resulting in over 10 billion hacked accounts–including over 35M since late July 2020. Over the course of his career, Hunt has been an in-demand resource, speaking at numerous security conferences and testifying before the U.S. Congress about the impact of breaches.

As a strategic advisor at 1Password, Hunt will monitor security trends to inform future product and partnership developments. He will also play a pivotal role in 1Password’s education program to help businesses better understand how enterprise password management can reduce data breaches. Hunt will collaborate with 1Password on the development of resources to help companies master every step of breach management.

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“I’ve used 1Password since day one because I believe better password management is vital to prevent costly data breaches that continue unabated during the work from home revolution,” said Hunt. “I look forward to providing market perspective and counseling 1Password on important security trends to stay ahead of as they grow their base of enterprise customers and partners. Together, we can deliver essential guidance to enterprises and families alike to deploy easy-to-use strategies and systems to prevent breaches.”

1Password has worked with Hunt for years in a partnership that combines the power of 1Password’s Watchtower with Have I Been Pwned to alert of any potential security risk and prescribes actionable steps to protect against breaches. Most recently, 1Password teamed up with Hunt to launch Domain Breach Reports, a service for businesses that cross checks the Have I Been Pwned database with employee accounts to allow enterprises to quickly identify and remedy any internal security threats.

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“Troy joining our advisory board substantially broadens our capacity to help enterprises defend against Shadow IT and data breaches,” said Jeff Shiner, CEO of 1Password. “Troy is an important and respected voice in the industry and his expertise will play a valuable role advancing 1Password’s leadership in securing enterprises and individuals online.”