Server at Work Rebrands as SAW.IT

Server at Work Rebrands as SAW.IT

Server At Work LLC, a leader in the IT managed services industry, announces their newly redesigned logo and updated brand identity, reflective of the company’s expanding reach. Speaking to how deeply Server At Work values the collaborative nature of their relationships with clients, their new domain SAW.IT has been adopted from the acronym-inspired nickname “SAW” bestowed on them by clients.

With a penchant for innovative problem-solving, Server At Work shows up for clients as a teammate, ready to run alongside and scout ahead as their clients navigate unique paths to success. Fittingly their new logo symbolizes two distinct companies working together. Its open lines suggest the open communication and collaboration between them. At the logo core, a subtle emanates a promise of synergy in teaming with Server At Work.

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Micheal Goodwin, COO of Server At Work says, “In 2021 our team remains committed to helping our clients achieve greatness by providing continuous service improvement and attention to their needs. Focusing on meeting and exceeding the needs of our clients rewards us and has even been a comfort to us. During the pandemic and catastrophic hurricanes of 2020, we were pleased to have clients remark that they never would have known our personnel had been affected. We invest in an amazingly resilient team.”

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