SmartWater Group becomes DeterTech

SmartWater Group

DeterTech, an award-winning risk management company formerly known as SmartWater Group, is pleased to reveal its new identity, unveiled to the public for the first time at booth 5C31 at Security Essen. The new brand, as well as the purpose, values, and behaviors associated with it, reflect the full breadth of the company’s offering, which is embarking on a geographical expansion of its activities.

“I am proud to lead an organization whose goal is to provide greater peace of mind to individuals and communities every day,” said Baba Devani, CEO of DeterTech. “Our values of commitment, inclusiveness and ambition will enable us to develop new services and solutions, attract top talent and acquire new markets.”

With a presence in the UK and continental Europe, DeterTech works with hundreds of clients in the critical infrastructure, construction, retail, leisure, hospitality, transport and industrial sectors. Through its close working relationships with local law enforcement and its comprehensive portfolio of expert, innovative and intelligence-led solutions, DeterTech can help its clients better understand their risks and choose the most appropriate solutions to mitigate them.

The company’s comprehensive risk management portfolio consists of the following services on: criminal intelligence, site security, site sensors, access control and forensic marking. Notable examples include strengthening the security of world leaders, protecting critical infrastructure, and addressing domestic violence against women and girls.

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DeterTech is also pleased to announce the acquisition of SmartGuard, the leading provider of temporary site security solutions in Denmark. This acquisition follows the previous acquisition of Tag Security Holdings, which provides a platform from which DeterTech can immediately achieve the same success as in the UK, offering its solutions at scale in the Nordics, Benelux and Germany.

“The next chapter in the history of this great company is being written,” concludes Mr. Devani. “With the support of our Freshstream investors, we have the expertise, resources and drive to become a trusted partner for our customers across Europe.”

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