Software technology company Hub-Suite introduces 3D Secure solution, a flexible authentication solution to reduce online payment fraud for its budgeting and credit card management platform SpendHub

3D Secure solution

3D Secure strengthens online authentication and minimizes friction

3D Secure makes SpendHub online and mobile transactions more secure by requiring cardholders to complete an additional verification step at the time of payment. The Three-Domain Secure (3D Secure or 3DS) is a security protocol created by EMVCo (a body made up of the major card networks) that protects online payments by enabling cardholders to authenticate themselves prior to authorization of payment. To cardholders, it is commonly known as Visa Secure or Mastercard SecureCode.

With this added layer of security, SpendHub users can seamlessly and comfortably complete online and mobile transactions, knowing their card details are better protected. SpendHub’s 3D Secure solution reduces fraud while also avoiding unnecessary friction for SpendHub users, minimally impacting the transaction process.

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“With 3D Secure, we’re excited to offer our SpendHub clients a further solution to reduce fraud, while continuing to provide a seamless check-out experience with our mobile app and online. 3D secure adds increased security without complications at the point of sale,” says co-founder of SpendHub, Bill Rose.