SPHERE Launches SP(HER)E Program to Address Lack of Diversity in Cybersecurity

SPHERE Launches SP(HER)E Program to Address Lack of Diversity in Cybersecurity-01

SPHERE, a woman-owned cybersecurity business focused on providing best-of-breed software and services for access governance across data, platforms and applications, today announced the launch of SP(HER)E, an interactive channel designed to highlight female leadership in cybersecurity and a platform for them to communicate their own career journeys. The initiative, which stands for Helping Everyone Rise, will highlight diverse women and allies in security each month to share their experiences and inspire others in their career growth and efforts. The program will also partner with local companies to recruit recent high school graduates to join SPHERE for a short-term internship where they will have the opportunity to:

  • Shadow a female executive
  • Receive coaching and development advice from female leaders
  • Perform practice interviews and engage in resume building

The cybersecurity industry is facing a dire talent shortage with the size of the labor force being 65% less than what it needs to be and cybercrime costing the world $6 trillion annually. Breaking the problem down further, less than 25% of these employees self-identify as women. To actively address this talent and diversity shortage in the industry, SP(HER)E will invest in and recruit young women looking to make their mark in the security space by offering them hands-on experience and professional advice.

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“The intent of SP(HER)E is to empower young women to achieve greatness. We want them to get really excited about the opportunity to have career growth, and for them to see what it’s like to be an executive in the industry,” said Rita Guverich, SPHERE CEO and Founder. “Our hope is that we can encourage them to have big goals and grand ambition to take up space in our industry.”

SP(HER)E’s interactive channel will include and highlight women of all backgrounds and places in their career growth. By sharing new journeys monthly and inviting young women to experience the world of cybersecurity through hands-on experience and engaging professional development programs, SP(HER)E will take on a leading role in implementing the first foundational step in addressing not only the cybersecurity labor shortage and skills gap, but also the lack of diversity throughout the industry as a whole.

This announcement precedes Rita Guverich’s participation in an upcoming panel at the RSA 2022 Conference to discuss the recent talent shortage in cybersecurity. To learn more about SP(HER)E and the access governance solutions they provide, visit https://www.sphereco.com/contact-us/ for more information.

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