Mike Upright Joins Spyder, Inc. as the New CTO

Spyder_ Inc. announces new CTO

Effective April 1Mike Upright has joined Spyder, Inc., a Saas software company based in Fort Scott, Kansas.  Previously, Mike was the technology leader for an insurance-based disability claim company serving veterans. Mike’s guidance and leadership made it possible for his previous firm to launch a successful IPO. Mike is an accomplished Information Technology Leader delivering years of experience, expertise, and achievements in driving innovation, change, organizational transformation, and technology strategy. Mike brings experience and expertise with specific focus on leadership of technology innovation while driving business transformation, building high performing teams, processes and relationships that are instrumental in driving revenue results and generating new innovations.

“For a tech company like Spyder, Inc, the position of CTO is a vital and important one” says Spyder CEO Nedra Barr.  “With technology and business transforming every day, sometimes at lightning speed, technology officers are expected to develop and implement ingenious strategies on time and on budget. Consequently, aligning these plans with organizational goals is what a technology leader does best. We are excited to have such a strong dynamic technology leader in Mike. Mike’s expertise and leadership will be key to our success.”

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Mike has already begun the process of designing a product roadmap for Spyder’s multi cloud document storage solution with the important features to be released over the next 90 days. “It’s exciting to work on such a transformative solution as Spyder Storage” says Mike Upright. “Soon everyone will learn about why Spyder Storage is the storage solution for today and the future!  The fact that every client gets a primary and a secondary backed up cloud of all of their documents is amazing and highly needed in the age of ransom and cyber-attacks.  Security is at the forefront of everything we create at Spyder. Every one of us has lost important documents in our past. Spyder Storage is in the cloud, and with a secondary backed up cloud, you won’t lose access to your important documents again. What a big relief for businesses. With the average cost of a ransom attack being $4M per IBM, we want to make certain we are helping protect companies’ important documents.”

Mike lives in sunny St Augustine, Florida. The oldest established city in the United States. Mike has a wife Carrie, three adult children and one granddaughter.

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