StackRox and Partner to Deliver Hardened Security, Compliance and Data Management for Stateful Applications on Kubernetes


StackRox Kubernetes Security Platform now available as a enterprise application bundle

StackRox, the leader in container and Kubernetes security, and, the leader in Kubernetes data management, today announced a new partnership bringing together Robin’s application-focused approach to Kubernetes data management with StackRox’s industry-only Kubernetes-native security and compliance capabilities. Robin customers now have access to the StackRox Kubernetes Security Platform as a Robin application bundle, enabling easy, one-click deployment of container security to protect cloud-native applications across the full application life cycle — build, deploy, and runtime — in Robin-orchestrated Kubernetes environments.

The StackRox application bundle provides a simplified way to define and enforce security and compliance policies across enterprise Robin Cloud-Native Platform deployments for an added layer of visibility and control. Driven by joint customer demand, the companies undertook this development work, and Robin has tested and certified integration with the StackRox Kubernetes Security platform. With its Kubernetes-native architecture, StackRox enables organizations to operationalize security, lower operational risk, and reduce costs. Tapping StackRox to enhance DevSecOps practices and support security-as-code is critically important for teams using Robin to manage sensitive data for stateful applications on Kubernetes as these deployments become increasingly complex and vulnerable at scale.

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“Deploying and scaling mission-critical applications on Kubernetes creates the need for automation and data management, and increases the attack surface,” said Ankur Desai, director of product, “We are seeing this dynamic especially play out with customers using Kubernetes to support commercial 5G rollouts and other large-scale deployments, where securing Day 2 operations are of the utmost importance. StackRox helps automate security and compliance for these systems and provides a crucial level of hardening to protect critical cloud-native assets and data.”

Robin customers running both stateful and stateless applications will benefit from the full range of Kubernetes security and compliance use cases that StackRox supports, including:

  • Visibility into cloud-native applications, including all images, container registries, Kubernetes deployment configurations, container runtime behavior, and more.
  • Vulnerability Management to identify vulnerabilities in images, containers, Kubernetes, and running deployments and prevent non-compliant builds.
  • Compliance providing continuous and on-demand checks on controls to meet CIS Benchmarks, NIST 800-190 and 800-53, SOC 2, PCI, and HIPAA.
  • Configuration Management to identify misconfigurations across images, containers, clusters, Kubernetes, and network policies, to prevent accidental misconfigurations that put application performance and security at risk.

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  • Network Segmentation tapping the power of Kubernetes and Istio to enforce network policies. Visualize existing policies, simulate new ones, generate updated YAML files, and apply them directly to Kubernetes.
  • Risk Profiling leveraging Kubernetes deployment details to assess risk across entire environments and stack-rank assets to focus remediation efforts.
  • Threat Detection combining rules, whitelists, baselines, and behavioral modeling to identify threats at runtime in container environments.
  • Incident Response taking automated actions such as killing and restarting pods via Kubernetes to shut down attacks.

“Robin adds an application-centric control plane on top of Kubernetes to help enterprises manage the more complicated aspects of running modern, containerized applications. In much the same way, StackRox adds a Kubernetes-native layer of security to enforce policies that ensure risks, vulnerabilities and non-compliant assets will not create Day 2 operational challenges for these businesses,” said Hillary Benson, Head of Product, StackRox. “The combined value that StackRox and Robin deliver to enterprises that rely on secure Kubernetes data management capabilities, particularly those in the telecommunications and financial services sectors, will significantly improve their ability to scale advanced technologies, such as 5G, confidently and securely.”