StackRox Delivers Container and Kubernetes Security for Financial Services Innovator Brex


StackRox Kubernetes Security Platform provides “security-as-code” to help Brex protect customer data on its rapidly growing financial systems

StackRox, the leader in container and Kubernetes security, announced today that Brex, the company reimagining financial systems for growing businesses, has deployed the StackRox Kubernetes Security Platform to improve its security efficiency and simplify data protection as it quickly grows its customer base. Brex has seen a significant increase in demand in recent months and turned to StackRox to provide security and compliance capabilities that would easily scale with its Kubernetes applications.

“The pandemic has shifted our customers’ business operations, but overall demand for our financial management solutions and Brex corporate card has grown substantially,” said Sam Stewart, infrastructure security engineering lead, Brex. “As a result, our IT and security teams worked closely as we scaled our footprint to ensure that security would not slow down our fast pace of innovation. StackRox helps us codify compliance, security and policy enforcement decisions in our Kubernetes infrastructure itself so our teams can maintain security efficiency as they collaborate.”

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According to the StackRox State of Container and Kubernetes Security Report, Fall 2020, nearly half of organizations surveyed delayed the rollout of applications into production on account of security concerns. Inadequate investments in container security strategies continue to inhibit business innovation in many cases. Brex, noting the security challenges associated with scaling a cloud-native business, chose StackRox over legacy container security providers for its ability to integrate security directly in the infrastructure and consistently implement pre-built policies across the entire application lifecycle of build, deploy, and runtime. StackRox was the right product for Brex’s journey to DevSecOps.

“As a Brex customer, we’ve seen the company’s innovation first hand, saving us critical time and resources that have helped us scale quickly. Brex, being a cloud-native innovator in the high stakes financial services market in its own right, knows how critical this kind of agility is for businesses like ours, and how important it is for it to be able to offer its solutions securely and compliantly, with the right native security tooling behind it to promote business growth,” said Kamal Shah, CEO, StackRox. “Brex has pioneered innovative development and security in tandem, building a strong security posture and ensuring compliance for cloud-native infrastructure. We’re proud that Brex has adopted our Kubernetes-native container security platform to continue to scale fast while delivering its powerful and secure financial management tools to companies like ours.”

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StackRox enables Brex to achieve full visibility into and control over its cloud-native infrastructure, with nearly all its apps running in containers and Kubernetes in Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (Amazon EKS). StackRox’s Kubernetes-native architecture helps Brex enhance the efficacy of its DevSecOps program, particularly the ability to prioritize risk and effectively mitigate vulnerabilities across its images, containers, Kubernetes, and running deployments. StackRox also provides Brex with simplified integration with its CI/CD pipeline and automated compliance auditing for key PCI DSS and SOC 2 regulations.