– Apollo Fintech Launches as World’s Most Expansive Unbiased Social Ecosystem offers users the freedom of speech, unparalleled social options and true data protection.

Technology company Apollo Fintech is launching Stratus (, the world’s most expansive unbiased social ecosystem on November 27th. Stratus provides a censorship-resistant platform, combines comprehensive features of top social sites, and protects user info by never selling or distributing personal data.

Stratus was born out of an intense determination to completely eliminate reliance on big tech and solve the biggest issues with mainstream platforms, such as censorship, data tracking and misuse, biased fact checking, security vulnerabilities and many more. Stratus now offers unprecedented security, freedom and convenience.

Stratus is different than other platforms for 5 reasons:

1. Convenience

Stratus has been working over 6 years to create the largest social ecosystem on Earth and offers the functionality of the two largest social media platforms, Twitter and Facebook. Over the next one to two years Stratus will be launching the functionality of the following platforms:

  • Youtube
  • Instagram
  • Tik Tok
  • Amazon (Multi-Vender)
  • ebay
  • LinkedIn
  • Kickstarter
  • Travelocity
  • PayPal
  • Google Search Engine
  • GoDaddy
  • Banking Services
  • And many more

Stratus will offer historic convenience and security by allowing anyone to utilize one account and one wallet to access an Internet of platforms and services.

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2. Free speech is protected

Stratus was birthed out of the belief that free speech is a sacred right and that a free, unrestricted flow of ideas is crucial for a healthy, free society.

3. Data Privacy

Stratus believes that one of the biggest threats to society is the collection, tracking and sale of user data and personal information.

Stratus will never sell or distribute user data.

4. Transparency

Users are encouraged to validate their identity through an effective 60 second KYC system. Helping to remove anonymous trolls, bullies, and stalkers while creating a transparent, peaceful ecosystem.

5. No “Independent” Fact Checkers

Stratus lets you be the judge of what is real or not.

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In summary, Stratus was built with the determination to completely eliminate reliance on Big Tech, and offer simplicity, security, freedom, and convenience in one, simple ecosystem.