Surrey Board of Trade Partners with CyberCatch to Help Surrey Businesses with Solution

Surrey Board of Trade and CyberCatch Partner to Support Surrey Businesses with Solution to Comply with National Cybersecurity Standard of Canada-01

Surrey Board of Trade and its member CyberCatch announced the introduction of CAN/CIOSC 104 Compliance Manager, an innovative, cost-effective cybersecurity Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution, to businesses in Surrey.

CAN/CIOSC 104 is Canada’s new national standard for baseline cyber security controls for small and medium sized business organizations (SMOs). The Standard was published by Canada’s CIO Strategy Council with support from Standards Council of Canada (SCC) to help SMOs. The national standard is specifically tailored for SMOs and prescribes up to 55 cybersecurity controls to mitigate cyber risk so the SMO can operate successfully in the digital world.

The CAN/CIOSC 104 Compliance Manager is a state-of-the-art cybersecurity SaaS solution, powered by CyberCatch. The solution comprises of a toolset to implement the necessary cybersecurity controls, with the help of a team of industry-leading cybersecurity experts. It also provides training to all employees and automatically and continuously tests controls so the SMO can fix security holes so an attacker cannot exploit and break in and steal data or infect ransomware.

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“The Surrey Board of Trade is pleased to take the lead in Canada and partner with CyberCatch to introduce an innovative and comprehensive cybersecurity solution to businesses in Surrey, especially as we have seen so many cybersecurity concerns that businesses have and will continue to face,” said Anita Huberman, President & CEO, Surrey Board of Trade. “We will encourage businesses in Surrey to adopt the standard so they can stay safe and continue to be successful.”

The Small and Medium-Sized Businesses Vulnerabilities Report (SMBVR) revealed that 84% of SMOs in Canada are vulnerable to ‘spoofing’ and can easily be attacked digitally.

“Our mission at CyberCatch is to protect businesses from cyber threats so they can be safe, thrive digitally and grow the economy,” stated Sai Huda, Founder, Chairman and CEO, CyberCatch. “SMOs in Surrey can easily and cost-effectively comply with CAN/CIOSC 104 and maintain compliance and security. Our team of industry-leading cybersecurity experts will guide SMOs to cybersecurity success.”

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