RealVNC buys RPort remote management software


RealVNC , the most secure remote access solution on the market, has acquired RPort, a remote management software that instantly increases the efficiency of IT teams and service providers managed (MSP). The acquisition will allow RealVNC to move beyond graphical screen sharing and into remote management.

RPort gives users the ability to manage their entire infrastructure through a web browser, the command line, or programmatically through a REST API. This involves inventory management, dynamic device grouping, remote and scheduled script execution, device telemetry, and flexible connectivity management. For example, a mass update task targeting 20 Windows devices could take up to 2 hours when run individually in interactive screen sharing sessions. The same task could be done with RPort technology in less than 2 minutes.

The technology complements RealVNC’s VNC Connect and will be integrated as an add-on for current RealVNC subscribers by early 2023. It will also be offered as a standalone subscription under the RealVNC brand. RealVNC will support flexible deployment options similar to its current offering with VNC Connect, launching both on-premises and fully managed and hosted offerings.

With this acquisition, RealVNC will soon offer its customers a complete IoT device management platform. One of the biggest challenges facing IT and field service professionals is managing large fleets of devices deployed around the world. Combined with RPort technology, RealVNC will help them master the unique challenges that arise in these environments – for example, when a user managing thousands of devices needs to run a script remotely on all those devices programmatically without logging in to each device.

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“We are very excited to see the tremendous possibilities that RPort brings to RealVNC and its customers,” said Adam Greenwood-Byrne, President and CEO of RealVNC. “There are some really exciting projects in the works using RPort’s technology and we can’t wait to bring them to market in early 2023.”

RealVNC also announced that RPort creator and innovator Thorsten Kramm will join the team full-time as VP Software Incubator and will be responsible for leading the company’s IoT program.

“I am very happy to join such a future-oriented team of efficient remote management of all kinds of devices. The exponentially growing number of connected devices requires new management methods beyond interactive, one-on-one screen sharing access,” said Thorsten Kramm.

RPort is currently open source software, and RealVNC is committed to pursuing an open-core approach. RealVNC will offer more advanced functions in the form of paid “plugins” added to the fundamental engine of RPort, which will remain open source. Current RPort users can expect updates to the open source kernel as well as options to extend it to a commercial product, all with the level of professional technical support that RPort is known for. RealVNC.

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