Syxsense Releases New Linux Remote Terminal and Troubleshooting Tools

Syxsense Releases New Linux Remote Terminal and Troubleshooting Tools

Syxsense, a global leader in the intelligent automation of IT, patch management, security vulnerability scanning and remediation, today announced the release of a new Linux remote terminal and troubleshooting tools.

Syxsense continues to enhance its comprehensive Linux patch and IT Management solution with a Terminal for Linux.  With support for all major flavors of Linux, Syxsense provides Linux devices with complete insight into and control over the exposed risk of software vulnerabilities.  View the full inventory, manage patch deployments with maintenance windows, and prove compliance via dashboards and reports.

Syxsense Secures Cortex uses visual drag and drop to manage and run any bash script or series of bash scripts on your fleet of Linux devices.  Syxsense Cortex automates management of the device by evaluating the state of the device and the result of previous actions.

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The new Linux Terminal performs remote commands on any managed endpoint without having to access the device over SSH, especially useful if devices are behind a firewall or have blocked access.  This window into the exact behavior on each device aids in administration and troubleshooting.

The Syxsense solution is a cloud-based platform that allows IT administrators to automate IT patch management and security management with a simple drag and drop interface, providing simple automated compliance templates and workflows.

The Linux Remote Terminal is included with Syxsense Secure and Syxsense Manage at no additional cost. Syxsense is offering free, fully-featured trials for up to 100 devices for 14 days.

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