Team Cymru Announces Acquisition of Attack Surface Management Provider Amplicy

Team Cymru Announces Acquisition of Attack Surface Management Provider Amplicy

Team Cymru today announced that it has acquired Amplicy, a market-leading company and technology disruptor in global attack surface and vulnerability management. The company is based in Tel Aviv, Israel and has customers in Europe, the United States, and Asia. The terms of the transaction were not disclosed. This acquisition will support Team Cymru’s global growth initiatives.

We believe that existing attack surface management solutions are focused on discovering assets and mapping inventory, but fall short of identifying critical third-party assets and helping security teams detect real-time vulnerabilities and threats. In our view, they do not provide the necessary actionable intelligence.

The acquisition aims to deliver a comprehensive solution providing a complete view of an organization’s total cyber risk.

Amplicy brings disruptive, real-time attack surface mapping and inventory. Their insight engine discovers and classifies enterprise IT assets, identifies application and infrastructure vulnerabilities, and provides risk scoring.

Team Cymru, known for its visibility into Internet-based malevolence, and its behavior-based cyber intelligence, will combine with Amplicy’s insight engine to identify customer assets, remote connectivity, third- and fourth-party vendor assets, and provide risk scoring – for a more complete picture of all application and infrastructure vulnerabilities.

“We are honored to bring Amplicy into the Team Cymru family,” commented Rabbi Rob Thomas, CEO of Team Cymru. “Today’s attack surface solutions provide some visibility but lack the complete picture. It’s important to know what you own and what ‘owns you,’ such as third-party vendors, their network infrastructure providers, and their dependencies.

The combination of Team Cymru and Amplicy will provide that insight, as well as an ability to drill down and trace threats, transforming our customers’ approach to risk management and information security.”

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“We are delighted to be a part of the Team Cymru family, a leader in cyber intelligence,” stated Ronen Carmona, CEO of Amplicy. “An integral part of external attack surface defense is the intelligence used to proactively locate attackers. The synergy between Amplicy’s risk insights team and Team Cymru, home to top-quality intelligence analysts and unique cyber intelligence, could not be better.”

The marriage of Team Cymru and Amplicy will catalyze Team Cymru’s vision of delivering complete cyber risk visibility that provides insights to the C-suite and actionable intelligence to the security practitioners. It will improve the executive team’s ability to make risk-based decisions while allowing security teams to prioritize risks at a glance, whether they are internal or 3rd-party vulnerabilities.

“As a Gartner analyst, I spoke with thousands of security teams and CISO’s. The chasms that exist among threat intelligence, attack surface management, and vulnerability management, cause debilitating inefficiencies and expose their organizations to financial risk,” commented Brad LaPorte, former Gartner Analyst and Partner with Cybersecurity Advisory firm High Tide Advisors. “The first company to solve this challenge will set the bar for all other vendors in this space.”

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