Temi Chooses Firedome’s Proactive IoT Cybersecurity Platform to Secure Personal Connected Robots

Temi Chooses Firedome's Proactive IoT Cybersecurity Platform to Secure Personal Connected Robots

Firedome , a global leader in IoT device cybersecurity and CES Innovation Award winner, announced today an agreement with Temi , a leading provider of self navigating personal robots, to secure Temi’s globally deployed connected robots with the highest level of proactive cybersecurity.

Temi manufactures personal robots which are deployed globally enhancing communication across markets. Using 3-D mapping, sensors and voice commands to interact with people, the robots enable a new level of communication and break barriers in customer care, customer service and senior living.  Temi chose Firedome to provide robust security for its devices, enabling a more secure and faster global deployment.

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Firedome is the world’s first provider of real-time endpoint cybersecurity for IoT devices, which have become common targets for hackers. Firedome provides unmatched end to end IoT device cybersecurity and 24/7 remote monitoring inducing both secure fleet management and secured remote updates. Founded by security experts, the endpoint solution includes a lightweight software agent and a cloud-based AI engine collecting and monitoring the device to provide end-to-end protection against hacks or device breaches.

As a global leader in manufacturing connected devices, Temi has placed critical importance on securing its robots against cyberattacks to safeguard customer security and privacy. To provide superior cyber protection, Temi has embedded Firedome’s software agent into its products, enabling proactive cybersecurity and 24/7 monitoring.  “With the personal robot market being a lucrative target for cyberattacks, Temi is not taking any chances with security and privacy, and is setting a new benchmark for IoT cybersecurity,” said Yossi Wolf, Temi Co-Founder and CEO.  “Temi selected Firedome’s solution due to its unmatched security measures and seamless integration to support expedite our time to market. We are excited to team up with this high-growth company. We see that while cyber attacks on IoT devices are on the rise, our personal robots have the highest level of cyber protection available.  Ensuring our devices are Protected by Firedome will allow us to provide peace of mind to our customers, while enabling our rapid expansion to new markets and industries.”

Through proactive security, Firedome has been rapidly expanding to meet market demands for enhanced IoT device security.  “We are excited to partner with Temi to secure the next generation of personal robots,” said Moti Shkolnik, Firedome Co-Founder and CEO. “The robotic market is in the midst of explosive growth and is a prime target for hackers. Temi is continuing its forward-looking track record in the robotic market by ensuring that its customers and users are protected against cyberattacks. We are privileged to partner with Temi on delivering a new level of security to the smart robotic market.”

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